Must see Streets around the World

This week at HomeExchange, we have decided to compile a list of 10 of the most beautiful and interesting streets from all around the world. It was difficult to narrow it down to just 10, but we think we now have a list which encompasses character, culture and great taste. We hope you enjoy reading and discovering some of these unknown places!

Kinsale, Cork Ireland


This colourful street in Kinsale, Cork in the South of Ireland is certainly not one you would miss when visiting the area. There is plenty of space to sit, have a coffee and watch the world go by. Kinsale is a historic port and fishing town, which also has significant military history. A tourist spot during the Summer months, this street has an exciting atmosphere and really comes alive!

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Molyvos, Lesvos Greece


Molyvos is the tourist capital of Lesvos, is it any wonder why with cute streets like this? This corner of the island is just like a fairytale, with wisteria flowers creating a shade on the cobblestone pavement, and little cafes to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. Greece has over 1,000 islands and it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in recent years.

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Rue Montorgueil, Paris France

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Rue Montorgueil in the 1st and 2nd arrondissement in Paris is lined with every type of shop and bar you could want – the perfect place to socialise while doing your daily shopping! This busy and bustling street has Grand Boulevards at the northern end, and the largest indoor shopping mall in Paris, Les Halles, at the southern end. It’s the type of street on which you will find a new place every time you visit!

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Via Mascarella, Bologna Italy


In Bologna, every street is beautiful and representative of the culture, so it is difficult to choose one street in particular. Via Mascarella has a cinema, plenty of restaurants and bars and especially at night time, the atmosphere is great with everyone sitting out on the street and enjoying a drink or some of the famous Italian cuisine.

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Else-Ury-Bogen, Charlottenburg, Berlin Germany


Else-Ury-Bogen is a small road that follows on from the famous station Savvigny Platz. At first glance it does not seem to have anything particularly unusual, but in fact it is swarming with cute shops with plenty of designers and for those who want to take a little break after a walk, you will find loads of nice restaurants. In short, it’s a quiet and unknown place in the great busy city of Berlin.

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Pontocho, Kyoto Japan


Pontocho is undoubtedly the most famous street in the city of Kyoto. Parallel to the Kamogawa River, it offers superb gastronomy which is adaptable to all budgets. Some restaurants have terraces overlooking the river, the only problem is finding a table! A good alternative is to buy takoyakis (a kind of Japanese croquette) at the end of the street and enjoy them on the banks of Kamogawa.

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Calle Müürivahe, Tallin Estonia


In the old town of Tallin, you will find this street named Müürivahe, which literally translated means “between walls”. On this street you will find part of the city wall and plenty of craft shops where you can buy traditional Estonian wool.

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Acorn Street, Boston United States


Situated on Beacon Hill, Acorn Street is one of the most photographed streets in the United States and one of the oldest streets in Boston. Strolling through the neighborhood trying to find this unusual street which is full of charm, is all part of the fun!

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Rue du Petit Champlain, Quebec City Canada


Built in the 17th century, this street is one of the oldest streets of the North American continent. It was located in the commercial district of the area and has retained that position until today. You will find cafes, shops and the architecture will make it feel like you’re in a little corner of France!

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La ruelle d’or, Prague Czech Republic


The Golden Lane amazes and charms all visitors who tread the pavement. It is located in the heart of the Castle enclosure which overlooks Prague. To enter one of these typical and picturesque houses, you may have to slightly bend your back and lower your head which certainly adds a bit of character!

We hope this blog entry has inspired you to visit some of these places, and if not, encouraged you to go and discover some of the hidden beauty that is on offer in every part of the world. It’s out there – you just have to look off the beaten track! Let us know what you think or suggest any additions to the list at

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