Wijnands Haus : 2 Menschen, mit Privater Garten, Privater Pool, Kota Denpasar

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Our quite, safe, and comfortable romantic villa, surrounded by tropical plant life, exudes an exotic style that speaks to Bali's captivating locations. Natural wood textures, bold patterns, and open layouts give the place a sense of space and sophistication. This has been our home for the last 25 years. We love the open living room and the fuzzy boundary between living area and the surrounding garden. Straight from the bedroom into the pool in the morning is a delight. Thanks to our domestic help (daily two maids and a gardener, and twice weekly a pool guy) we truly live like royalty - no chores, just relaxation. There is a small Hindu temple in the garden. Our Balinese staff will make offerings there, and also around the garden.

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The villa is in a safe and beautiful area in the south of Sanur, a stunning seaside town that boasts a selection of exquisite restaurants and boutique shops. Head to the beaches for a day of water activities in the shimmering oceans and head to a bar or cafe to enjoy a sunset-lit evening. Our villa is 5 minutes walk from the walking and cycling path along Sanur beach, with many nice and quaint restaurants, yoga places, and water sports activities

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Our villa has two separate bedrooms. One will be available to our guests. The other may or may not be occupied by either me, my wife, or both. There is also a separate small house on the premises - this is my office and will be locked when I am not there. So, it may be that we or one of us are there, but we will keep a low profile at all times. Please, check with us to find out periods of exclusive use for you. In the guest bedroom there is air conditioning. and a very comfortable king-size bed. There is an en-suite bathroom with toilet and shower stall. Plenty of hot water from our solar heaters on the roof. Open-air living room with cable TV , kitchen with all amenities, garden, swimming pool are all available to our guests. Our very friendly domestic staff will make sure there are no chores left to do. Bliss! They will clean the house, your bed- and bathroom, do your laundry, and even cook for you if you want. A gardener comes every day to tidy up the garden. The pool is maintained regularly. Welcome to Sanur!

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