From all the HomeExchange Team

We’re so excited to start a new year with you and your family, and we wish that it comes with lots of adventures, love and great HomeExchange experiences for all of you!  We would like to sincerely thank you for being a HomeExchanger in 2019 and spreading your hospitality, generosity and welcoming spirit all over the world!

Because… you know you’re a HomeExchanger when...

1- Your friends always look at you weirdly because it's been your 3rd travel holidays this year!

2- You are open to learning Icelandic. Why not?

Because you love learning as much as possible from other cultures! …  and being confronted to unexpected situations.

“Living my HomeExchanger life... challenge of the day: use a washing machine in Iceland" - Virginie, France.

3-  Your cupboards are filled with little gifts in advance and welcome leaflets for your home for all your next guests!

4-Your family, your friends and even your pets are welcome to travel with you!  (as much as you like)

“This is one reason we love home exchanging - in what other type of holiday could you bring your pet Budgie along with you?” - Susie Lycett, Australia.

5- Your fridge is coated of kind words from guests of all over the world !

6-  Respect your host’s home as if it was yours!

In 2019, 99.9% of the exchanges happened without incidents declared by the host. Respect and trust are in the HomeExchanger DNA!

What I like the most is the friendship and the respect of everyone in the community. Every single exchange we have done, and all the people we have hosted, have been so delightful and respectful of our home. - Susie Lycett, Australia.

7- Exchange offers make you question your geographical skills…

when you receive an offer coming from a Member who lives in a place of the world that you can’t put on the map.

Do you love being a HomeExchanger? Do you have friends who share the HomeExchange spirit ? Go to our Facebook page and share with all of us your reason!

When do you know you’re a HomeExchanger?

We wish you great home-exchanges in 2020, and encourage you to keep traveling, welcoming and loving HomeExchange.

HAPPY 2020!