Looking for the excitement and adventure of New York but don't have much time and money is tight? Don't worry, New York is home to hundreds of free activities and plenty of beautiful sights! Here's how you can visit New York in 2 days on the cheap.

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How to Stay in New York for Cheap

With so much to see in New York, you'll want to save your money for the incredible dining and activities. To make visit New York as cheaply as possible, people are flocking towards home exchange to save on lodging. With home swapping, you register with a network of fellow travelers (like HomeExchange) who are looking to offer their home as a place for travelers to stay at their desired destination.

The home exchange system is genius because it all but eliminates lodging costs. Given that each home is offered in exchange for the opportunity of staying in another home. All this makes it much easier for a person to get away, even if they are on a modest budget.

Home exchange programs like, HomeExchange.com, also allow eager vacationers to save money on dining. By securing a home for accommodation, you can save money by cooking meals at the home rather than going out every night. Health conscious vacationers also enjoy this option  as they have more control over the foods they consume and how they are prepared.

Visit New York for Cheap

2 Days in New York for Cheap

Instead of a longer vacation, why not plan some weekend travel? You may not be scaling the Himalayas or trekking through the Amazon forests, but the United States has plenty to see and do! Taking 2 days in New York City may not seem like a big deal, but you can see plenty of iconic sites in just a short time there.

New York City is known for its 1,900 public parks that are rich with history and off beautiful scenery. Take a stroll at Central Park and discover the zoo, or explore the vast of the 9.6 acre Bryant Park. Need to brush up on your dancing skills? Be sure to head over to Washington Square for the free Argentine Tango and Social Dancing Class. 2 days in New York barely scratches the surface on what you can see and do but, when you travel cheap and use HomeExchange, you can visit as often as you want.

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Take in the Sights

There is no shortage of things to see and do in New York. Marvel at the wonder of the Grand Central Terminal and it’s 102 years of existence. Hang out in iconic Times Square, take a walk down Wall Street, peruse Chinatown, or try out the famous New York-style pizza. You can even explore the numerous art galleries and gaze at the beauty they hold without putting a dent in your wallet. Once you make the decision, you will wonder why you waited so long to visit New York.

No trip to New York is complete without seeing a live show. Whether you're a fan of Broadway or want to see a live taping of a TV show, New York is the place to be. Many of the hottest talk shows film in front of a live studio audience and need people to fill their seats. Check out this guide to participate. Note: shows film on different schedules and might not always be available. If the theater is more your style you can see some of the be the city has to offer though the Ticket Lottery system or through a discount service like Tkts.

2 Days in New York

Visit New York for Less

When it comes to mini-vacations or weekend getaways, hotel expenses can easily make up a third of your vacation bill. Even a modest hotel room in New York will cost you at least $180 a night. Once you tack on the fees and tax, you’re looking at over $400 just for a bed to sleep on for a couple of nights.

Are excessive hotel fees holding you back from your dream to visit New York? With HomeExchange, you can eliminate those fees and keep that money for activities and food. Get out there and see the world, without having to break the bank. All you have to do is sign up now and, in a few minutes, you will be browsing beautiful homes that are available to exchange. That New York vacation is just a few clicks away, join HomeExchange and make it happen!