Taking your whole family on vacation can get expensive and inconvenient, especially when you have to purchase multiple hotel rooms, eat out for every meal, and pack all your kids' toys to keep them entertained.

With a home swap, however, traveling with children can be really fun! Your kids will have the family's toys to play with, and perhaps a trampoline, bikes, a pool or a swingset to occupy them. You can enjoy cooking for a large family in the well-stocked house swap kitchen and get insider tips on kid-friendly activities from your hosts. Learn more about planning a family holiday with HomeExchange.

Don't take our word for it— here's what 15 HomeExchange members had to say about home exchanging with kids.  

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Home exchanging with kids is convenient


I really enjoy using HomeExchange, especially with kids, where it’s not always easy to stay in a single hotel room when traveling, contrary to somebody’s house with lots of facilities, kitchen, toys, etc. -Anna, 5 exchanges

We've been spreading the gospel of HomeExchange everywhere we go, often to complete strangers! I say it's like Airbnb, but the next level up, since you actually have a real kitchen to cook in (with spices and all sorts of tools), and sometimes with kids you just need "stuff." Also, since exchanges are free, it makes traveling sooo much more affordable! -Katie, 11 exchanges

It's so much more comfortable to be able to stay in someone's home, with all the benefits this comes with. It's also great to exchange with kids, since you don't have to leave the hotel room for everything all the time, you can just chill out as you would in your own place. -Bibejan, 13 exchanges

Home exchanging with kids is cheaper


HomeExchange is an amazing way to see so many beautiful places around the world without spending money on accommodation. We found the website very easy to search for the ideal home. Some hosts make the difference, showing and suggesting places that only locals would know. As a family, to be able to stay in a house or apartment and have space for the children is much better than be stuck in a hotel room. -Ana, 43 exchanges

We discovered HomeExchange a couple years ago but only organized 3 home exchanges so far. We loved all of them and plan to try our luck organizing more trips via HomeExchange! What a great way to travel, especially for families when you need full kitchen to cook for kiddos and to have more space than a hotel room and not to mention the budget aspect of it! Great concept all around! -Olesya, 6 exchanges

HomeExchange is the only way I was able to affordably take my mother and children out of the country to experience other cultures and be able to have that inside scoop of a local's perspective. -Nicole, 3 exchanges

Home exchanging with kids is educational


HomeExchange is the best way to travel as a family. You get to live as a local, get great insider's tips and show your kids how nice people can be and trust each other to take care of your home/car, etc. -Del & Joe, 5 exchanges

HomeExchange is the best way of traveling for a family with young children as it offers the comfort of a real home and a wonderful shared experience of someone else's life. The advice you get from the locals allow you to really step into their shoes and live like a local. -Nadia, 29 exchanges

We love it...so many great experiences around the world! With a family of 6, it makes travel more accessible. We have met some lovely families through home exchange, and we've been able to get a "local" feel for the places we have visited. I feel like HomeExchange has allowed our kids to become citizens of the world! -Heather, 17 exchanges

Home exchanging with kids is fun


"What a great way to get to know a country and lots of fun! With the right exchange partners you feel at home at once, get to know people living locally, know where to shop and what to do. It's perfect for kids as they can explore a new house, play with new toys— everybody feels secure and looked after." -Andreas, 5 exchanges

Since we started HomeExchange 7 years ago, it's really the only way we want to travel now. You're holidaying with the support of your hosts, and when you don't see each other the 'virtual' assistance of your hosts is brilliant! And holidaying authentically for us is the key. With kids now, it's the only way to achieve this. And our kids are loving these kind of holidays and remember each one for the people they met...AND the toys they played with! -Michelle, 8 exchanges

HomeExchange is the best discovery I've made in years! Best way to show your kids the world! -Sara, 7 exchanges

Home exchanging is the best way to travel with kids


Highly recommend HomeExchange, especially for families traveling with children! A great way to see the world and experience other cultures from the comfort of someone's home. -Mariel, 3 exchanges

HomeExchange is a great way to get to know new places. Especially if you have small children, I love the fact that everybody has a room of their own and that there is enough space for everybody. We really like the living like a local idea and we only have had very positive experiences! -Chris, 8 exchanges

HomeExchange provides us with flexibility, ease of travel with children, and the ability to experience new corners of the world. -Idalie, 14 exchanges

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