Australian HomeExchange member Sharon spent more than three months home exchanging through Europe in 2019. She and her partner traveled through Europe in their car they'd had shipped from Australia. Sharon's European tour was cost-effective thanks to her home swaps and she has made lifelong friendships with those she met. Here are some of the memories she made along the way!

Travel with HomeExchange

What was it that attracted you to this exchange opportunity?

The exchange is exactly what we were looking for. The places were researched had quite a few suitable exchanges to choose from.

Tell us about your arrival:

As we had a number of exchanges in various countries, sometimes we were able to meet our host and others we were given detailed instructions on how to access the exchange. Numerous brochures and details were always left with suggestions on places to visit, restaurants, places to shop and even neighbours contact details.

What did you see or do during your exchange?

Each exchange was different as we visited many countries. Some exchanges were purely to catch up with friends and family; others were used as a base to visit the area. Visiting the town of Berat in Albania was a highlight as we were able to enjoy history we didn't know about. Also the white ottoman houses that dotted the hills leading up to the castle. Steeped in history.

What is your favorite memory from your exchange?

Oh the list is endless; the comfort of home, learning about a country not popular with tourists was a highlight and also the differences in the way people lived. Most were curious about our story also - 60 year old couple traveling in their vehicle that they had shipped from Australia. The ways in which we were traveling which was cost effective. And not to mention the friendships forged both with our hosts, their neighbours and their fur family.

What tips and tricks would you give to other HomeExchange guests?

Be open minded. Ensure you are clear in what the exchange is and what is included.

How would you describe HomeExchange to your family and friends?

A home away from home and total adventure.

Travel with HomeExchange