You don’t need to travel far for the fall foliage. Autumn is a magical time of year! It’s the time when landscapes look like professional works of art, but better. It’s the time of weekend getaways and apple picking in the orchards. The US and Canada come alive during the Fall season and we thought we could highlight a few of the colorful spots in each region to watch the seasons change.

1. Quebec, Canada

We thought it would be best to start our list at one of the more northern destinations. While many are saying the warmer weather of Fall 2017 will help prolong the colors of autumn, it is safe to say that Fall starts a little earlier the more north you go and we don’t want you wasting time reading the entire article if this is the place you want to visit.

The entire region of Quebec, with its many sugar maples and greenery, really comes alive in Autumn. The trip alone, if you are coming by car and driving up I-87, is a treat in itself. The highway will lead you down a wilderness road covered in trees and wildlife, so don’t drive too fast. Once you arrive in Quebec City, you will feel as though you have been transported to a quaint European city. The color of the trees with the old architecture of Quebec is a must-see in Autumn.

If instead, you are looking for a more “sauvage” experience, you don’t need to look far. Check out the island, Ile de Orleans, only a few miles away or visit the many parks, gorges, and waterfalls in the Quebec region.

Weekend Foliage Trips in North America

Visit Quebec

2. New England

Traveling a little further south from the Quebec region Canada, you fall into one of the hottest spots in the USA for Fall foliage viewing. When it comes to Fall colors, we could write pages on New England alone. Every state in this part of the USA has something special to offer, but it’s hard to squeeze a visit in just a weekend and we also don’t want to overburden you with choices, so to make things a little easier, we will focus on just one special place that can potentially combine multiple destinations if you have the time.

The Mohawk Trail, opened in 1914, is one of the first scenic roads to open in the New England area. It is practically equal distance from major cities like Boston, Concorde, and Albany, and offers spectacular views and scenery while traveling through parks, forests, and small towns.

Weekend Foliage Trips in North America

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3. Northern California (Napa Valley)

Moving west across the United States, we land on the northern part of California. California!? That’s right, California is not just sun and surf all year round, at least not in the northern part. As opposed to other areas on our list, Northern California has the added attraction of having colorful trees and vineyards.

After the grape harvest, it’s the time of the year when the leaves get their own little 15 minutes of fame (more like 2 weeks). The trees above and flowing colors below, make for a scenic landscape like no other. So uncork a bottle of wine and enjoy the views of the Napa Valley and other areas in Northern California.

Weekend Foliage Trips in North America

Visit Northern California

4. The Southern United States

Tucked away between Tenessee, South Carolina, and Georgia lies the Nantahala National Forest and Chattahoochee National Forest. Roughly a 2-hour drive from Nashville, Atlanta, and Charlotte you can find one of the South’s best Autumn spots. Along with all of the normal outdoor activities of biking, hiking, canoeing, you can do it all while taking in the scenery.

Maybe you are not such an outdoorsy adventure type? No worries, you can always look for a nice apple orchard or enjoy other Fall festivities in nearby towns.

Weekend Foliage Trips in North America

Visit the South

5. Texas

Not the state we all think of when it comes to Fall fun and color, but believe it or not, Texas has its own Autumn charm, which is great for anyone looking for a foliage trip without having to travel hundreds of miles to New England or Canada.

If you are looking for that Autumn energy in Texas, your best bet is East Texas. East Texas and its many maples, gum, oaks, dogwoods, elms, and even more tree species enter the peak color season anywhere between the end of October and November. The place to be exactly, Tyler, Texas. Surrounded by trees, start in Tyler and move out along the country roads. Highway 14 and Highway 16 are also great places to take a ride while viewing the Autumn transformation.

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