Have you planned your spring vacation yet? Whether you’re taking your family somewhere for spring break, looking to go on a lovely working vacation, or maybe looking for a place you can go during the summer, you’re probably looking for the perfect getaway destination. To help you decide, we put together a list of potential places you can visit during the spring.

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Palm Beach, Aruba


If you’re hoping to spend your spring vacation under the sun and on the beach, Aruba is a great place to go for your next getaway. The whole island is filled with beautiful sandy beaches, natural hiking trails, and historical structures that will impress even the most discerning of visitors. After a day spent at Palm Beach under the sun and breathing in the salty sea air, vacationers can walk a few steps and come face-to-face with theaters, bowling alleys, bustling bars, and other examples of the vibrant nightlife of Palm Beach. If this isn’t your scene, you can also learn a new skill by attending the Aruba Surf and Paddle School in Noord and learn about stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). Whatever you choose to do, you’ll love spending your spring vacation exploring beautiful Aruba.

Bend, Oregon


Why not spend your spring break in the Pacific Northwest of the United States? Bend, OR is a great place to visit for those who want a more muted and down-to-earth getaway. Bend is known for being incredibly walkable, so exploring the city and its many cafes, bookstores, bars, and more will be incredibly easy. If you’re hoping to spend some time in nature, there are plenty of trails in Central Oregon and close to Bend that hiking aficionados, newbies, and families with children can all participate in, such as Shevlin Park, Deschutes River Trail, Riley Ranch Nature Reserve, and more.

Oaxaca, Mexico


Mexico is known as being a college spring break hotspot, but if you’re hoping to avoid the crowds while not missing out on Mexico in the spring, then Oaxaca is the place for you! Unlike Cancun and Cabo, the state doesn’t see nearly as much traffic from rowdy young revelers and is perfect for families and people hoping for a more laid-back trip. Explore the state with a free walking tour and learn about the hotspots, best restaurants, and shops in Oaxaca. Of course, no trip to Oaxaca is complete without visiting the Botanical Gardens and learning about the flora and fauna native to Oaxaca.

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Kyoto, Japan


Visit Kyoto in the spring and prepare yourself for some of the most beautiful sites you’ll ever set eyes on: the cherry blossoms in full bloom. In between the white and pink blossoms lies breathtaking landscapes, temples, and shrines that visitors can tour. Make sure to stop by Ginkakuji, a centuries-old Zen temple built in 1482 during the reign of shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa. Tourists can stroll through the temple and see many points of interest, such as the Silver Pavilion, the sand garden, the moss garden, and more.

Palm Springs, CA


Enjoy a west coast trip to this popular desert city. Between the San Jacinto mountains, its long history of hosting celebrities, and sunshine, Palm Springs is an amazing place to visit for your spring vacation. You can experience the wild side of spring break without all of the partying by visiting the Living Desert Zoo & Gardens, where you can see a variety of wild cats, rhinos, and other exotic animals. The zoo also gives visitors the opportunity to feed the giraffes! Of course, if you’re in the mood for more nature, you can’t go to Palm Springs without taking a trip to Joshua Tree for a hike. While trekking thorugh the national park, you'll get to see the Joshua trees that park is named after and to climb up its many climbable boulders. Just remember to bring plenty of water with you!

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Hopefully, you’ll avoid the ruckus of the spring break crowds and have time to shake off the chill of winter and relax, explore, and enjoy your spring vacation. Of course, if you’re wondering where you can find accommodations for your getaway, HomeExchange can help you find the perfect home swap for your trip!