Anna and her partner went on a trip to Barcelona, Spain in late 2021 and enjoyed a home swap while there. Having done over seven exchanges, she was kind enough to share details of her trip and give tips for new HomeExchange members and for people trying to decide if home swapping is right for them. Read her story below!

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What did you appreciate most about the home you stayed in?

It is so great how you can see a new face in each city when you travel there multiple times - I loved the area Sant Antoni. Our host described it the following way: "It's local enough to feel like home, but alive and busy at the same time, so you can still feel like you're on holiday." It was absolutely true - the area was packed with restaurants that had the best paella, and it had incredible nightlife at a walking distance, but it was also very local, with supermarkets and small shops, tiny bars, and nice people. I also adored the balcony, and the spacious kitchen table where we had a great breakfast.


What did you appreciate most about your exchange partner?

Our host always replied quickly and explained everything very well. I really appreciated that he wrote a note with the best restaurants/things to do in the area - We visited a few and we never were disappointed!

What did you see or do during your exchange?

If you visit Barcelona and you like walking/hiking a little, you must visit the futuristic Olympic Park (Montjuic) and the surrounding hills/botanical gardens. We walked about 15 kilometers each day - I loved how easy it was to get anywhere on foot. For the more central attractions, I recommend going to the Parque De La Ciudadela - you can just sit there for hours watching the ducks, swans, and birds near the lake. Don't forget to grab a Paella either!


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What is one of your best memories or experiences from a home exchange?

Sitting on the balcony in Barcelona with a Spanish wine until it got dark.

What would you say to your friends and family who are considering HomeExchange?

It's the best way to travel. You'll feel like a local anywhere! The hosts are always the nicest people, as well as the guests.


What tips and tricks would you give to new HomeExchangers?

Send many exchange requests! Don't be afraid to ask questions and communicate - Everyone is really nice and helpful here. Welcoming someone into your home is a really uplifting experience as well. Get started and you'll love it!

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