When temperatures hit the high 30’s, it can sometimes be unbearable to work, especially in busy cities. With the beach being a far away dream, we think that the next best thing is to lie on the green grass and imagine a day when working 5 days a week is a distant memory.

There are plenty of public parks scattered throughout the UK, so we have decided to compile a list of the 5 best to provide that break of relaxation that everyone needs now and then! 🙂

1. Hampstead Heath, London

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Hampstead Heath in London is one of the trendier public parks in the city, due to its high profile visitors. It’s located quite close to Camden Town, so the park welcomes plenty of the overspill from this arty area. Through the years, Hampstead Heath has been the desired location for many famous actors and writers – as well as the paparazzi! It’s one of the city’s most popular locations as an escape from the busy city life and it’s perfect for a pleasant stroll, a picnic or a swim in one of the many ponds!

2. Victoria Park, London

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Victoria Park is the oldest public park in London and was built when over 30,000 local residents demanded a public place where they could enjoy the outdoors and have picnics, following a breakout of cholera in the 1800s. Nowadays, it provides a peaceful break from busy Hackney nearby and it also hosts festivals and events throughout the summer months. This summer, festivals like Lovebox 2015 (London’s answer to Glastonbury) and the London Flower Show will be held on the grounds of the beautiful gardens here.

3. Holyrood Park, Edinburgh

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Holyrood Park is an amazing piece of ancient Scottish countryside. It’s located a very short distance from Old Edinburgh Town and its landscape and various walking trails are its main source of attraction. An hours hike will take you to Arthur’s Seat where the most amazing view can be seen. The park also has many crags, cliffs and volcanic rock formations and Holyrood Palace is situated on the edge of the park.

4. Queens Square, Bristol

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Queen’s Square is a park in the heart of Bristol which is surrounded by trees and cobbled streets. The park is a testament to the people of Bristol and their commitment to preserving public places – the park is beautifully kept. This square (one of the biggest Georgian squares in Europe) also regularly hosts outdoor theatre, concerts and other events all year round, but you will also frequently find local people from the surrounding areas chilling on the grass in the sunshine or beneath the trees catching some shade!

5. Abington Park, Northampton

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Abington Park is Northampton’s oldest and most popular park. Beneath the surface lies the archaeological remains of the old Medieval Village. Nowadays, the park hosts many folk music concerts and it also features a museum, a lake, a cafe, playground facilities and much more which you can enjoy all year round. Each season brings the park alive with rich golden colours in autumn, glowing white pathways in winter and a landscape full of colour in summer!

So, would these beautiful parks provide the escape that we all need from a busy city life now and again? Are there other public parks that you love that we havent included here? Let us know! 🙂

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