New York, New York! The city so nice they named it twice. So the saying goes and it's really true. New York has so much to offer, it almost seems endless. From dining, to museums, to art, music, and local architecture there is so much to explore you can come back time and time again. That being said, a short term stay just doesn't seem like enough for many to really take it all in.

If you have the opportunity for slow travel thanks to retirement, remote work, sabbatical, or otherwise, then New York City is one of the top destinations for a long term stays. However, the cost of living here is high and when you see the price of short terms rentals NYC you might be hitting the breaks on your travel plans. There is however an amazing alternative to short term furnishes rentals in NYC, and it's (almost) free: HomeExchange.

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Short Term Furnished Rentals Alternative : How HomeExchange Works

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The concept of a home swapping is just that, to trade houses instead of exchanging money. This can happen simultaneously, or at different times, whatever works for the exchanging parties. HomeExchange also offers another system called GuestPoints. GuestPoints are earned for hosting and can be saved for stays later. In the community, GuestPoints act like valuable tokens. It's our way of making exchanging even more flexible for our members.

Getting started with HomeExchange is easy.

First, you create your listing for free. Promote your home with nice pictures, introduce yourself, and fill out your calendar. Then, you can start browsing our alternatives to short term furnished rentals in NYC. When you find one with whom you would like to exchange, organize the details by communicating with the potential host via the HomeExchange messaging system. You can finalize the exchange by signing up for a one time annual fee of $220 that unlocks unlimited exchanges for an entire year.

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Nearly 3000 Homes Available in NYC for an Exchange Instead of Short Term Rentals

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Did you know that HomeExchange is the largest and most reputable HomeExchange network in the world? Our global network and reputation offers outstanding travel opportunities worldwide, New York City included. In fact, there are nearly 3000 registered home exchanges available in our network in The Big Apple. More than just short term apartment rentals NYC alternatives, you'll find everything from single rooms to entire houses in every borough of this incredible city just waiting to be explored.

That being said, New York City is a high demand destination, and these members can receive a lot of requests for exchanges, so be considerate and strategic in your request. Make sure to fully read their listing to understand what type of exchange they are looking for, and if they are currently acception GuestPoints or not. This will be appreciated and increase your chances of obtaining a successful exchange as a free alternative to short term rentals NYC.

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Testimonials From Members who used HomeExchange for Short Term Stays in NYC

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Wondering what people are saying about HomeExchange as an alternative to short term apartment rentals in NYC? Here's what some home exchangers had to say about their recent experiences:

I love home exchange! My husband and I are retired and it has been a wonderful way to see the world for the cost of airfare! Not only have we stayed in fabulous locations and shared our hometown with others, but you make friends and have a knowledgeable helper at your travel destination just a quick text away. We have exchanged our Austin home from as short as a few days in NYC to as long as 3 months in Paris! - Juli, USA

We simply love HomeExchange. It allows us to travel in a way we would never be able to travel and help others to travel with their families to experience New York City. We are so happy that exists and plan on being active members for years to come. - Patricia, Great Britain

HomeExchange is the best way to travel. It makes you know local uses, houses, ways. It makes you travel more than what you [can] afford. I have been using it a lot and invited friends to join, they are all very happy. The best thing is that it is a democratic system, houses are valued with points for their measures, and it doesn’t matter if it's New Year’s Eve in New York or March in a lost town, it’s always the same point price. - Romina, Italy

What are you waiting for? The Big Apple is calling you! There is so much to see and do there so sign up for free today and start exploring our alternatives to long and short term rentals in NYC today.

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