Los Angeles is the city where dreams are made, traffic is legendary, and the sunshine seems to stretch on forever. It doesn't get more West Coast than this sprawling metropolis. For leisurely travellers, there are lots of great reasons to plan an extended stay to L.A., like cruising down its palm-lined streets, sighting celebrities, and endless beach combing. Or perhaps you're wanting to make it big in Hollywood, landed an internship, or visiting friends and family for an extended time.

Finding reasons to hang around in this melting pot of a city is easy, but finding affordable short term furnished rentals in Los Angeles is hard. Believe it or not there is a free alternative to short term rentals in Los Angeles and it's right here, HomeExchange. Find an exchange and start living the California lifestyle in the City of Angels, the ultimate playground for explorers and dreamers. Find out more about how it works and why it's the best alternative to pricey short term rentals.

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The Difference Between HomeExchange & Short Term Rentals in Los Angeles

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Home swapping transcends the boundaries of traditional hotel and vacation rentals. Instead of relying on the exchange of money, this unique system enables you to exchange homes with like-minded individuals, creating a mutually beneficial arrangement. Whether you prefer simultaneous swaps or staggered stays, the flexibility lies in the hands of the exchanging parties. Plus, it offers flexibility like the possibility to bring a pet, find a place near the beach (which might normally be out of budget) and experience L.A. like a true local.

To unlock unlimited exchanges for an entire year, you can opt for an annual fee of $220, opening the doors to a world of boundless adventures.

Additionally, HomeExchange has a flexible system called GuestPoints, points that you accumulate for hosting and can be saved to spend for future stays. Think of it as a community currency, adding an extra layer of convenience and adaptability to the exchange process. To start exploring our alternatives to short term rentals in Los Angeles, simply create your free listing, showcase your home with enticing pictures, introduce yourself, and fill out your availability calendar. With HomeExchange messaging system, propose an exchange and organise the details.

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More Than 1500 Alternatives to Short Term Furnished Rentals in Los Angeles

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There are already over 1500 registered homes as potential alternatives to shot terms apartment rentals in Los Angeles. This is no surprise though given that HomeExchange is the largest and most reputable HomeExchange network in the world. After all we've been around since the 1950's and online since the dawn of the internet! Our global network and reputation offers outstanding travel opportunities worldwide, including Los Angeles.

More than just alternatives to short term apartment rentals in Los Angeles, you'll find everything from single rooms to entire beach bungalows in every zip code of the sprawling city. If you're not already familiar with some of Los Angeles's legendary architecture, this is another great perk of HomeExchange. From Spanish style haciendas on the Hollywood Hills, to Art Deco apartments downtown, to contemporary condominiums along the coast, these are spaces you'll be passionate about.

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Testimonials From People Who Used HomeExchange Instead of Short Term Apartment Rentals in Los Angeles

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Wondering what people are saying about HomeExchange as an alternative to short term apartment rentals in Los Angeles? For a great read, check out Marta's story about how she stayed three month's with host Jordan in Los Angeles. You can also read what some HomeExchangers had to say about their recent experiences on our TrustPilot:

"More than 30 exchanges made all over the world, like Los Angeles, Potugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and other and all went just perfect
All my guest were fantastic, so I love HomeExchange!" - Maria, Portugal

"I've had amazing stays including waterfront in Seattle , a city view in Vancouver, San Francisco numerous times, San Diego, and a phenomal rental four years in a row in Los Feliz and L.A." - Robyn, USA

Pack your bags and get ready to head out west. HomeExchange is your golden ticket to the Golden State. There is a lot of living to do out here in L.A., and with HomeExchange as a free alternative to pricey short term furnished rentals in Los Angeles, anything is possible in The City of Angels!

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