Moving towards a more human, authentic, and responsible tourism

The HomeExchange community now has over 100,000 active and committed members in 133 countries. More than 100,000 of you have chosen home exchange as a way to travel in a different, more human, and authentic way. The community is growing, and so is this way of traveling: On average, a home exchange is finalized every two minutes on HomeExchange.

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By having the annual membership, you are a member of the HomeExchange community - a community united by strong values of sharing, caring, and respect, which are the foundations of every home exchange. It’s thanks to you, our members, that we can be proud of this growth we’ve achieved.

We strive to pass these values on to all our new members so that we can continue to grow and offer you more possibilities and opportunities while maintaining the strong level of trust that exists within the community.  It’s with these in mind that we have come up with and worked towards our vision for the future of HomeExchange.

Learn about our different objectives and what we have put in place to put our members at the center of what we do.

Continue to improve the quality of our HomeExchange site to make finding exchanges easier for everyone.

Only qualified homes on the site

Last year, we took the unqualified homes offline to make it easier for you to find exchanges. This means that the 403,522 homes that are less than 80% completed have been put offline, meaning that they will not appear in the search results. This way, you’ll only find qualified homes in your search results and will hopefully make  your search experience easier!

Only active accounts on the site - to come

We have also decided to soon remove the accounts of people who have been inactive for more than 2 years. Again, we wanted to do this to make the  experience of  looking for an exchange better by avoiding any disappointments when you reach out to an inactive member and of hopes never get a response. This will also  make the community more dynami  by keeping only committed and active people, whether they’re already members or future members!

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Continue to reward our loyal members who have accompanied us throughout the years.

As you might know, at HomeExchange we thank our members for their loyalty with a little discount and some GuestPoints when they renew their membership. However, we wanted to go a step further by sharing this exciting new feature with you!

New loyalty badge


As a member of HomeExchange, you will now receive a badge from your first year of membership. And with each year that you consecutively renew your membership before the expiration date and become a more experienced HomeExchanger, your badge grows with you, reflecting the number of years you’ve consecutively been a member. This badge will be visible in the search results and on your listing and profile so that you can proudly show off being a member of the HomeExchange community. Make sure you have your auto-renew activated here to make sure you don’t lose your badge!

Learn more about the badge here.

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Welcome and thank new members who join us in changing the future of travel.

As a non-member on HomeExchange, you’d have several limitations on what you can do on the site. We wanted to thank new members who join us by taking the annual membership and unlock these features to gain more exchange opportunities.

Unlock unlimited requests - to come


As a HomeExchange member, you will be able to send an unlimited number of requests whenever you want, as opposed to the limited 5 requests per day you can send when you are not a member. Having this freedom, of course, gives you higher chances of finding an exchange!

Unlock comment reviews

As a member, you also get to see the comments on members’ profiles which would otherwise not be visible to you. Reviews are a very valuable way to increase trust within the community and help newcomers to better understand the values and best practices of home exchanging.

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Of course, these are many other new developments that  we’re working on simultaneously, such as applying new features, automatized verification of all new members, home moderations, and more! The HomeExchange team is very motivated to make this vision come to life. We have come up with these changes together and cannot wait to continue working on it and sharing more information with you soon.

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