If you’ve been a long time user of HomeExchange, you might have noticed that our map looks a little different 👀

We’ve changed our map provider to Jawg so that we can offer you a better experience.

With this change, maps on HomeExchange will have:

  1. Better performance
    It will be faster to load and use the map so that you spend less time waiting around and more time looking for your next potential home exchange.
  2. Better look
    The map looks cleaner and displays points of interest, public transport stops, etc. so that you can take them into consideration when planning your vacations.
Check out the new map

We decided to make this change as we were limited with our previous map provider and this migration to Jawg will give you, our users, a better map experience. It’ll allow us to respond in a more reactive way to your needs, and it gives us more opportunities in the future to offer new ways of making searches.

About Jawg

Using OpenStreetMap, Jawg is a map design and data geolocation platform that accompanies you in your projects requiring maps.You can easily integrate your maps in your websites and mobile applications and combine them with their other services, such as address search, itinerary search, etc.

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