Dana tells us about her trip to Bordeaux, France, where she had the chance to practice the language and explore the many attractions and UNESCO sites in southern France.

How did you find your exchange?

I contacted a member from the HomeExchange community.

What attracted you to this exchange opportunity?

The South of France is very popular destination with so many interesting attractions in the area. Since I speak French I also wanted to use my travel as a chance to practice the language in an authentic way. Bordeaux seemed liked the perfect base for this travel as it has a big airport and good rail connections for day trips.

How was your arrival at the home?

We did not have the chance to meet our host Agnes as she was also on holiday with her family. However we kept in touch through messages the entire time. She provided the basic information about the neighborhood and suggested some day trips for us. After the airport we took a bus which dropped us to the railway station and from there the house was easy to find, in the midst of a very calm area. We used the self-check in system to get the keys.

What did you see or do during your exchange?

We visited the whole city of Bordeaux which is full of UNESCO buildings. We made a day trip by train to Saint Emilion – a little town famous for wine making and extensive vineyards. On another day we rented a car and went to the even more famous Dune du Pilat, the tallest sand dune in Europe. We also went to the Basin of Arcachon for a day at the beach.

What is your favorite memory from the exchange?

The most popular and iconic place in Bordeaux - called Le mirroir d`eau (Water Mirror). It is located between the Place de la Bourse and the river Garonne, it is a spectacular pool, which alternates a mirror effect and artificial misting in an extraordinary way. It is the most-photographed site in Bordeaux and is listed as a contemporary World Heritage Site by Unesco. This is a place always full with people, day and night and there is an overall sense of freedom and carefree - children running around, artists playing music or dancing and everyone enjoys walking barefoot.

How would you describe home exchange to your family and friends?

Home exchange is a revolutionary concept of traveling for open minded people.

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