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This story of a home exchange to Plymouth, Massachusetts was shared with us by an anonymous member.

1. Where did you go on your home exchange?

I went to Plymouth, Massachusetts. It's right along the East Coast in Cape Cod.

brown concrete building with patio light during daytime
Photo by Michael Browning / Unsplash

2. What was it that attracted you to this exchange opportunity?

It was close to everything, rich in history and there was a lot to do. It was a short ride on the train or in the car to Boston. It was also easy to go to New York from where we were staying. And we even got to explore some of New England.

3. Tell us about your arrival:

My host picked me up, this is when I met them. We had a great conversation before the exchange so I knew things would go very well.

4. What did you see or do during your exchange?

We explore a lot of New England. We saw Boston, Newport (Rhode Island) and explored Plymouth, Massachusetts. It was lovely, we saw a lot of history and did a lot.

5. What is the favorite memory from your exchange?

How wonderful my exchange partners were to me. I will never forget that.


6. How would you describe home exchange to your family and friends?

HomeExchange is much better than a traditional rental or hotel because your hosts are so incredibly kind. Plus the local knowledge they share with you is gold.

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