Robin tells us about her family's trip to the Irish countryside and all the advantages of traveling by HomeExchange.  

How did you find your exchange?

I contacted the other member in search of an exchange.

What attracted you to this exchange opportunity?

My family and I were traveling to Cork, Ireland area and found a gorgeous countryside home nearby. I'm very thankful that my family and I were able to travel with peace of mind, in part because of the money saved by using HomeExchange and the comfort and ease of staying in a family home. Travel is very important to me and international travel has created innumerable benefits and learning experiences for my children, such as working at a wildlife rehab in Costa Rica or speaking at a school in Denmark about life for teens in the USA. Not to mention the family bonding that occurs when figuring things out together, enduring problems overseas, some that are often puzzling (and yes, something goes wrong on every trip and it's a learning opportunity for all of us. How do we handle it? What do we do? How do we look at the bright side?) and the awesome conversations that travel and new lands facilitate. Plus, we’re creating more flexible human beings. We learn patience, tolerance, appreciation, and open-mindedness.

But international travel is EXPENSIVE, and we don't all have the resources to make it happen. I have spent the past couple of years learning ways to travel almost entirely for free. While my family has benefited greatly from airline miles (accrued from international business travel) I've managed to learn how to get free lodging in beautiful homes, free in-home pet care and have learned shortcuts to make our dreams a reality in exploring this amazing world. International flights can be purchased inexpensively if you don't have the benefit of airline miles and if you know where and when to look.

I'm so excited about this sharing-economy I've become a part of and I've learned the joy of traveling with other families, so if you have any questions on how to take advantage of inexpensive/almost free travel, message me! I'm not selling anything. I'm just so excited to get more people involved and I am also open to other families traveling with us so let me know if you want to be a part of our next big adventure. As soon as we end one trip, I'm planning the next!

How was your arrival at the home?

The homeowner's father came over to show us around the house and he shared wonderful information about the area. The homeowner was easily and readily accessible by messaging and provided us with amazing tips for must-see historic sites and fabulous restaurants and parks.

What did you see or do during your exchange?

My family and I enjoyed local pubs and restaurants, parks, shopping and a St. Patrick's day parade and festival, Ireland style!

What was the favorite memory from your exchange?

My favorite memory from the exchange was the visit we made to the local restaurant, Thatch and Thyme. Amazing local produce, wonderful coffee and breads and lovely people.

How would you describe home exchange to your family and friends?

Home Exchange absolutely, unequivocally cannot be beat. The ability to travel with a large family or group and stay together in a spacious home saves both time and money and fosters so many more memories!

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