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Andrew is an active member with 7 exchanges and counting.  His home in San Francisco, California, is located on a hill with incredible views of the city and is only a short walk from the trendy Mission district.  We met Andrew when he hosted the HomeExchange founders and he was kind enough to answer a few of our questions.

Meet Andrew, member of HomeExchange from San Francisco
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How did you get involved in home exchange?

Many years ago I arranged a direct home exchange between a family in Paris and my family in San Francisco, using CraigsList Paris.  It was a great experience and we were very lucky to find a family that wanted to exchange at the exact same time.

Andrew's Home
Andrew's home on HomeExchange

Why do you prefer exchanging your home when you travel?

On other trips we used AirBnB but the experience was completely different because of the feeling that it was just a business transaction.  So when I learned about HomeExchange, I was immediately eager to join.  The process of using GuestPoints with any of the participating Hosts has all the advantages of a direct exchange, with infinitely more flexibility.

"I believe the very nature of reciprocation built in to the HomeExchange philosophy attracts a different type of person than a commerce-oriented exchange."

What is it like staying in someone else’s home and meeting guests or hosts?

I feel I am staying in a friend’s home, not in a pop-up hotel, and when guests come to stay in our home, we also feel more comfortable, knowing that they will treat our home as respectfully as if it was theirs.  When we have had the chance to meet our guests, or our hosts, we have always been pleased by the warmth and openness of the members of HomeExchange.

Andrew’s cozy living room

How was your first experience using GuestToGuet?

Our very first experience with HomExchange was early in 2015, when a young couple (François & Hannah, pictured below with my wife and me) stayed in our guest room while we were also at home.  They brought us some delightful gifts from Marseille, and we took them on a tour of San Francisco.

Andrew and his wife with his guests from Marseille

We have had great experiences and I recommend the site to all my friends and family!

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