Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is almost upon us. Whether you will celebrate in New Orleans, Venice, Sydney or Rio de Janeiro, there are plenty of home swap options to help you plan your celebration!

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

When most people think of Mardi Gras (this year on February 25), they probably think of New Orleans, Louisiana. Parades, masquerade balls, costumes, and delicious food all mark a Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans.

The New Orleans Carnival is one of the best carnivals to enjoy with your friends and family. New Orleans receives thousands of visitors to attend the Mardi Gras Parades. There are over 20 different parades with music, costumes, food, and much more. Many of the parades are family friendly and lots of fun.

If you will be in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, it can be almost impossible to find  hotel accommodations last-minute, as they are often complete booked months in advance. However, home swaps may still be available. Find home exchanges available during Mardi Gras.

Review these tips on planning your trip to make sure you are safe and well-fed all week. Make sure to pack your favorite costume!

Accommodations in New Orleans

Brazilian Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro has been held each year before Lent since 1723 and is the biggest carnival in the world, with two million people on the streets each day. You can still get your tickets for this year here.

Rio de Janeiro’s carnival is extravagant. Local Samba school students wear amazing costumes and perform astonishing dances! This is one of the best carnivals in the world. And if you don’t get tired of partying, it is known that locals dance until the sunrise.

Similar to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Carnival features five days of revelry with dancing, parties, costumes, and balls. Bring along glitter and adornments, as well as comfortable footwear, and make sure to find a local to teach you how to samba!

Accommodations in Rio de Janeiro

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Sydney, Australia hosts a Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras spanning three weekends from February 14 to March 1. LGBTQ+ communities are celebrated with parties, performing arts, visual arts, social and community events and sporting events. There's a Family Fun Day tailored to the whole family, a pool party, and much more (view the entire 2020 program here).

The event's theme this year is "What Matters." According to the website, the events will have a focus of shining a light on important issues to you: "From art parties, to thought provoking panels, to chance meetings on crowded dance floors, take these Mardi Gras moments to focus on WHAT MATTERS right now for LGBTQI people."

Accommodations in Sydney

Carnival of Venice

The Carnival of Venice, held each year before Lent in Venice, Italy, is famous for its intricate masks. First held in the 11th century, the celebration features elaborate costumes (you can even rent a costume once you arrive!), parades, live music, grand balls and much more.

The festivities last for two weeks and attract approximately 3 million visitors each year.

Accommodations in Venice

Now that you have some information on a few Mardi Gras festivals, pack your bags and get ready to have some fun!

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