Hello everyone,

Here is some of today’s website news describing the optimizations that our team of 13 developers and 3 "product" managers worked on this month. As a reminder, the product team designs new features, gives specifications for their development, and decides the priorities for the developers to work on :).

Here are some improvements we’d like to share with you this week:

A "search in this area” button has now been added to the map

Lately, you may have noticed that there was a glitch in the map: to refresh the results, the map would zoom in and out sometimes without you touching anything.

To give you better control of this search tool and to improve its performance, we added a “search in this area” button. Now, a button appears as you hover on the map. Simply click the button to refresh your search, which then displays the houses in the chosen area.

Note: the map will no longer refresh automatically, so don't forget to click the button to reveal the houses.

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A new folder for pre-approved messages

When you’re a home exchange enthusiast planning your next vacation, it can sometimes be challenging to quickly find your way around your inbox. In addition to the “messaging storage” currently offered, we have added a “pre-approved” file so you can more easily find your pre-approved exchanges. Here, you can automatically see all exchanges that have been pre-approved by you or your host.

In your mailbox, click on the orange text “all your messages” to bring up all the folders, which now also include the pre-approved messages.

Verification status

So that everyone can follow their verification progress and be sure that their documents have been received, the team has added a small drawing on the verification page which informs you if your documents have been received and indicates that they are in the process of being reviewed.

Special thanks to Aimé, Yannick, and Jeremy from our Development Team for these great website advancements!

We’d also like to thank our Facebook community for always being proactive and full of great ideas.

We’ll be in touch soon to tell you about new improvements so stay tuned!

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