An improved map and a more empowered Member Support for changes in your exchange dates.

Dear Members,

As always, it is important for us to share our website’s latest updates with you to enrich your experience with HomeExchange. Today, we're going to talk to you about what our developers and the product team are working on!

1. Map Improvements

Recently, we chose a better map solution to improve your experience on the platform. This made it possible to resolve some problems, and in particular that of the presence of “duplicates” when you search for cities. Previously, for a destination like Rome the search bar displayed two results: “Rome” and “City of Rome”. With the new solution, only one entry will be offered for the same search, which will avoid confusion and facilitate your exchange searches!

Please be aware that this will have no impact on your saved favorite destinations so that you can continue to reverse search as before.





This solution also allows us to display more results and therefore to offer you a better search experience in the following places:

  • In China and on small islands (like the Ile de Ré in France), which did not appear in the search bar
  • In Russia, where searches on the map were previously unsuccessful

Thanks to our developers, it is now possible to search for them on the map!

Please note that for the moment you cannot save these places as preferred destinations but our team is working on that.

A little precaution: be sure to search for your destinations in the language you have configured on your profile, otherwise, they will not appear.

Try Out the New Map

2. Contact us to change your exchange dates

Our product team also worked on another update which allows us, internally, to modify the dates of finalized exchanges.

Indeed, following your numerous comments, we realized that having to cancel an exchange to create a new one was quite a long and restrictive process. This is why our developers have implemented a new process that allows our Member Support to change dates directly in the back office with the agreement of the two members. If necessary, our team can also adjust the number of GuestPoints based on the change. After you and your exchange partner have been consulted, you will see a message appear in the finalized exchange conversation indicating that the dates have been changed.

Member Support will no longer need to contact our developers to change your exchange dates and will therefore be more responsive to your requests.

We know that the solution is not perfect, but it is an improvement that will facilitate your use of the platform and that we intend to continue to develop in the future.

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