When looking for an exchange, what do you look at on a Listing first? For some, it may be the headline. For others, it might be all about the photos. Or maybe it’s the description of the neighborhood that catches your eye. Whatever it is, you could think of your Profile is like a HomeExchange welcome mat. It sets the stage for a potential exchange and gives someone a taste of what your home has to offer.

Now think of your Profile. What is the first impression it makes? Take a step back and look at it as though you are your future Exchange Partner. Is there something you are missing? When it comes to your HomeExchange Profile, a small adjustment can go a long way. Don’t fall into the “set it and forget it” trap. Here are a few “housekeeping” items that can make your home even more exchangeable.

Update your listing

1. Adjust your Listing Title

Short and descriptive subject line

Short and to the point is essential here. You want to be inviting and descriptive without overdoing it. If you’re looking for GuestPoints, you might want to mention your willingness to Host. Your listing title is a bit like the subject line of an email; it gives a summary and sets the tone for the rest of your Profile.

2. Show your home in its best light!

Take good photos 

Photos do a LOT to showcase your home. Because of that, less-than-stellar images can, in the end, result in receiving fewer inquires than you would otherwise. The topic of pictures is a complex one, and that is why we devoted a blog article about how to capture the best angle of your home. The community doesn’t expect perfection, but a little tidying up can go a long way.

3. In your own words

Make your home description as personable as possible

Think back to the reason you moved into the home you did. What was it that convinced you that this was the place for you? It might have been proximity to town or the open floor plan. It could be the school district or accessibility to work. Whatever it was, that unique selling point could engage a potential Exchange Partner. There is no need to channel your inner novelist, but giving more than a basic list of amenities goes a long way to enticing exchanges.

4. Welcome to the Neighborhood

Take a few moments and include an overview of your area. You can describe how you can walk to your favorite park or the ocean. Or explain about the fantastic restaurant/cafe/grocery store that is right around the block. Don’t to forget to include nearby attractions. If you are close to a museum, theme park or other locations of acclaim, make sure to add it in. Paint a picture that leaves someone wishing they could be at your home. Right. Now.

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