Are you having a tough time convincing your partner to sign up for HomeExchange? Here are our tips for dealing with this situation.

Since discovering home swapping, you’ve dreamed of one thing: an economical vacation home suitable for the whole family. One where you can discover new regions, experience new activities and make new friends, all through the eyes of a local. But what do you know? Your other half has some objections. No worries, we'll show you how to turn them around and to convince your partner to try home exchanging.

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1) Make their mouth water

Start by taking some pretty pictures of your home and signing up for free on HomeExchange. By doing so, you will have full access to 400,000 homes located in 187 countries. Has your partner always dreamed of Andalusia? Thanks to our search filters, you can show them homes in the area with a pool or a jacuzzi. You’ll need to tell them over and over again that registration is free, because they’ll find it so hard to believe.

2) Talk to them about authenticity

What could be more anonymous and impersonal than a hotel room? Not much. But, staying at someone’s home on a vacation will immerse you in an authentic setting. The layout, decor, and home furnishings will leave you with lasting memories of the region you visit.

Get inspired!
“I will never rent a home again without trying to find one on HomeExchange first. Home swapping is great for our whole family. Our children can enjoy the children's toys at the homes we stay at, we get to know different people and cultures "from the inside", and we discover amazing places completely "off the beaten track", as well as destinations we would never have thought of traveling to, which nevertheless offer us our best memories.”
- Sophie, 98 exchanges

3) It's free until you find an exchange that's right for both of you

Admittedly, the argument alone is not enough to hit the mark, but still: registration on our website is free until you find your first exchange. To finalize your exchange, you have to sign up  for our yearly membership.

And, exchanging with HomeExchange is open to everyone: both owners and renters.

4) Our member support team is here to support and assist you

« What if our guests break something? », your partner has legitimate concerns. Don't panic, this is arguably the easiest issue to counteract. Remind them that this kind of inconvenience could happen on any hosting platform. However, we’d like to remind you that you can take advantage of our guarantees and our member support is there for you when you need them, at every stage of your exchange. Your honey can rest easily!. If you’re really dealing with a stubborn mule, tell them about our verification tool.

5) We only enjoy what we share

Don't hesitate to remind your partner that exchanging your home on HomeExchange guarantees you having a win-win sharing experience. As a guest, you go to someone's house for free. As a host, your home is occupied in your absence... your plants are watered, your cats are fed, and the risk of burglary plummets. Finally, do not hesitate to quote Lucias Annaeus Seneca: “No good thing is pleasant to possess, without friends to share it”. You can’t argue with that.

6) Home exchange gives you the opportunity to travel locally

More and more of us are questioning the way we travel and this may be the case for your partner. Home swapping is a great way to travel more responsibly. No need to travel far to make the exchange of your dreams come true. You can enjoy and live like a local anywhere in the world. In addition,take advantage of our guide to great local spots produced by our members to discover the hidden treasures close to your home. Something to spark your other half’s curiosity.

7) Your kids will thank you

Because you need extra beds and bedrooms, going on vacation with kids comes at a cost that might make you think twice about it. The cost of suitable family accommodations is likely to impede your plans, unless of course you vacation with HomeExchange. Are you planning to travel with small children? Stay at someone’s home who also has small children! There, you’ll likely find a changing table, toys, a crib, and everything you could possibly need. So offer your children a vacation in a big house with outdoor space and become their hero for eternity, in just a few clicks.

“Since we save on accommodation, we go on vacation more often during the year and we enjoy good times as a family. We have gone on vacation eight times this year, instead of just once.”
- Nathalie, HomeExchange Ambassador
Home swapping has revolutionized our vacation experience. Not only has it allowed us to enjoy a longer and cheaper vacation, but also one of much higher quality than usual. Staying in someone's house and immersing yourself in their lifestyle, city, or country can in no way be compared to staying in an impersonal hotel or VRBO. We have already traveled with family to Europe (3 times), to Bali, and gone on 4 exchanges in San Diego, CA where we were able to visit our loved ones while staying in our own home. Our boys went to a French bilingual school, and the trips and exchanges in small towns in France were invaluable for their learning of language.”
- Kelly, 16 exchanges

8) As a last resort to convince your partner to try home exchanging: the surprise method

Although a little more radical, there is always the possibility of organizing a romantic surprise weekend thanks to HomeExchange. Satisfaction guaranteed. If all of your efforts and all of the above arguments aren't enough to convince your partner, you don't have to blame yourself, you’re dealing with a stubborn mule. And because desperate times call for desperate measures, you may have to use the last radical option: that of the surprise exchange. Create your account, get verified, and earn your welcome GuestPoints. Find an exchange as a guest in a dream home for a weekend getaway. Your other half will have no choice but to bow down to such ingenuity. We can already hear him/her saying how awesome you are and that you were obviously right from the beginning.

“My advice is to convince your partner to try home exchanging by going away for a short period nearby, to test home swapping without stress. The first exchange we went on was four days long, and just an hour and a half away from our home! ”
- Marie-Anne, HomeExchange Ambassador

Were you able to convince your partner, who was skeptical at first, to get rid of their doubts?

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