The Bay of Plenty in New Zealand will become the country's first National Park City, focusing on being a greener, more sustainable region. This movement "aims to apply national park principles and values to urban environments, promoting nature and re-wilding towns and cities as vital to health and wellbeing," according to a press release.

“Urban green spaces and strong environmental commitments attract visitors,” said Kristin Dunne, Tourism Bay of Plenty Chief Executive Officer.

Environmentally friendly travel is a value many people who home exchange share. Home swapping is a greener way to travel compared with staying in a hotel or Airbnb, and it also gives a more authentic travel experience and supports the local economy. Instead of concentrating travelers in overexploited tourist areas, HomeExchange values local tourism, using empty houses instead of saturating touristy areas. Find out more about why HomeExchange is the most responsible way to travel here.

If the thought of staying in a National Park City in New Zealand sounds like a dream come true, you can further support environmentally-friendly tourism by staying in a house swap in the Bay of Plenty! Here are some beautiful home exchanges in New Zealand's first National Park City.

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Solar cottage home exchange

If you're passionate about eco-friendly travel, give this solar cottage a try! It is surrounded by trees and garden and includes a spa pool to relax in after a day at the beach.

Home swap with spectacular views of the Bay of Plenty

Enjoy this beautiful planet from this home in the Bay of Plenty, which offers a spectacular view of the Rotorua basin. Timber decks allow visitors to relax on outdoor furniture and watch the sun set and the city come to life. After sunset, you can stroll past the native gardens to view the home's resident glow worms.

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Beachfront house swap in the Bay of Plenty

Stay in this beachfront home and bask in views of the ocean every day. The house itself is spacious, modern and full of natural light, with the added bonus of plenty of al fresco dining options. You'll be near the Rotorua Night Market where you can explore, shop, and eat delicious dishes after dark.

Bay of Plenty home exchange with peaceful lake views

Relax and unwind with tranquil lake views, boating, kayaking and swimming in the lake while being a short drive from the ocean. For your travel convenience, a vehicle purchased especially for home exchange guests is included with the swap!

Sunny home swap in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

This spacious, sunny New Zealand home exchange sleeps seven and has a private garden with easy access to local beaches. The house is warm and cozy during the winter months, and the quiet, peaceful garden is inviting in the summer.

Newly built harbor side home in New Zealand

For the outdoorsy explorer, this home swap in the Bay of Plenty is an ideal oasis. It offers a safe beach for swimming right in front of the house, as well as walking and biking routes and a kayak for your use. The house was completed in 2018 and has lovely views of the harbor.

Cheery, modern Bay of Plenty house swap

This modern home exchange is colorful and bright, with three bedrooms to accommodate your whole family. It includes a spacious patio seating area with a BBQ and is a short drive or bus ride away from local attractions. Nature lovers can enjoy the coastal estuary nearby with lots of bird life.

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