Katherine has completed 38 home exchanges, often hosting guests in her home in Dallas, Texas. As a prolific host, she kindly shared her tips and tricks on having a successful HomeExchange hosting experience.

What were some of your biggest fears when hosting another member?

I was actually not very worried. There was clear communication. I've only had a couple less than positive experiences and none were major.

How did you overcome this fear?

It really helps to actually talk on the phone. That assured me the person was responsible and kind. Also, a simultaneous exchange is best for the first one because you know you're in their home also and there's a shared sense of accountability.

Home exchanger Katherine in Dallas, Texas

Tell us about a memorable experience with a guest.

I had great conversations with someone we swapped with who worked in my field. He was retired and had traveled the world.

What do you like most about hosting other members?

I love sharing the city of Dallas. It's also actually nice to have someone else appreciate the beauty of your home. And it forces you to deep clean and declutter!

How do you prepare your home for your guests?

We remove clutter and try to get it to a hotel level in terms of clean surfaces. We leave a little snack basket. We also have clear instructions and restaurant recs.

What tips and tricks would you give to others who are hosting Guests?

Remotes need instructions!

What did you realize after you hosted for the first time?

This was going to open our world. We've been able to travel a ton.

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