Enjoy your summer! Our Members are getting ready to enjoy their vacations and the exchanges they’ve been planning with such care and affection. Summertime is exchange time!

Suitcases are already packed and homes are ready to welcome their guests. They will take care of and enjoy their exchange home as if it were their own. Welcome home, everyone!

Do you want to know about some of the exchanges that our Members will go on this summer?

Our Members’ exchanges and destinations are very diverse: close to home, or on the other side of the globe; long or short term ... There are no limits! Every corner of the planet can receive an avid HomeExchanger to explore and enjoy the local culture.

Unique exchanges in exotic destinations!

This summer, some of our Members will go on exchanges to all kinds of “once in a lifetime” destinations.

We are going to Singapore and Malaysia… for 30 days! And two other Member families will stay at our home; from Los Angeles and from Mexico. - Laia
We’re going on an exchange to Colombia! We will visit Cartagena and Bogotá - Georges
We have organized 4 exchanges with GuestPoints in Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Dubai. At our home, we will host the family from Iceland who hosted us over Easter, and a family from Tarragona. Happy summer and happy exchanges! - Myriam
Kenya: 20 days in Nairobi and Malindi, 1 week on a farm in Extremadura, and 1 week in Puerto de Santamaría - Rosario

Did you know?

In 2018, Members spent more than 2,500,000 nights on exchange!

Cool Summer Exchanges!

How about escaping the summer heat? Many European regions offer us a respite to relax in nature and enjoy milder temperatures.

I will travel to Sweden and spend 1 week near Stockholm, then I will spend 12 days near Helsinki and visit Lahti and the lakes area. I will take 2 ferries, an overnight one from Stockholm to Helsinki and another 2 hour ride from Helsinki to Tallin to spend the day in Estonia. We are also very excited because we will be hosted by the Finnish girl who spent a school year with us - Merche
About 15 of us are going on a reciprocal exchange in a small village next to Lake Biel (Switzerland) and will spend a couple of nights in Zürich with GP. We are really looking forward to it! - Ferran
We will discover the Faroe Islands and visit Santiago de Compostela, both on simultaneous exchanges - Cécile

Get ready for a surprise!

More than 450,000 exchange homes around the world!

United States and Canada... Exchange!

The United States is the second favorite destination for HomeExchangers around the world! (after France).

California! we have scheduled two exchanges: The Bears (Morro Bay) and Lake Tahoe, and a hotel (Monterey, Los Angeles, Yosemite and San Francisco) - Mag
We are from Quebec and we will go on an exchange in Alberta! (in the Okanagan Valley) - Nathalie
To Montreal and the Emerald Coast of Brittany.... but not on the same trip - Jeannot

And the most urban HomeExchangers

A city break is always a guaranteed success. Why not take advantage of the summer to explore that city you’ve always wanted to visit?

We will spend three weeks in Vienna. Ideal for visiting Budapest, Bratislava, and even Prague, as well as other places in the wonderful country of Austria. It is our first reciprocal and simultaneous exchange - Liz
We are going to Rome and two couples from New York will stay at our home, one couple in July and the other in August - César
I'm going to Paris in August on a mother-daughter trip including a visit to Disneyland, and then we’re off to Budapest in September! - Conchi

Fact: Paris and Barcelona are HomeExchangers’ Favorite Cities

Discover París!

Go on an Exchange in Barcelona!

And you? What are your exchange plans for this summer?