Marie, married and mother of 3 daughters and a son. She lives in Finistère in an ecological home. At the end of November she decided that it would be a good idea to spend some days in Paris during the Christmas holidays.

To do so, she started looking for a nice flat on HomeExchange, available to welcome 6 persons. It wasn’t easy for her to find a flat big enough, but finally she contacted the right person. She wrote to Françoise who lives in Paris with her 16 years old son. Luckily, Françoise has a sofa bed and an extra bed. Moreover she’d love to visit Finistère. At the beginning, Françoise had issues finding the right period given that she wanted to visit her parents in Normandy too. Finally they agreed on the dates and will do a reciprocal exchange from December 26th to 31st.


They are already talking about their children. Françoise’s son need to have a break from the new technologies which is perfect because Marie doesn’t have any TV in her ecological home. Both woman decided to exchange their phone numbers to discuss the last details of the exchange in “real” and to know better one each other.

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