Is your big vacation still too far in the future? Don’t let that slow down your traveling spirit! Plan a last-minute weekend getaway with HomeExchange!

Looking to get into “vacation mode” but can’t quite make a long-distance trip? Don’t worry! Instead of taking a ton of time off (and spending plenty of money), why not explore some locations that are easy to reach? By taking a weekend to discover some of the destinations closer to home, it will take less time to get there and give you more time to relax. What’s not to love about that?

We know that many people think HomeExchange is only for extended trips, requiring weeks if not months of planning. That’s not always the case! In fact, thanks to our search features, you can explore all the members who are interesting in “last minute” exchanges by simply checking “last minute” in your search criteria. Want to know more? Here’s the process:

  1. Select a destination; ideally, someplace that is close enough that you can get there within an hour or so and still feel like you are “getting away.”
  2. Click the “More Filters” button to refine your search.
  3. Select “Exchange Type” and click “Last Minute” or “Weekend Exchange.”
  4. Explore, decided and message!

How easy is that?

Still in need of some inspiration? Search through our Last Minute Collection. This ready-made list is constant update and only includes members who have more flexibility or are interested in a more spontaneous exchange. Many of these listings are second homes, which means excellent versatility when it comes dates for an exchange along with the option for non-reciprocal exchanges.

If you are new to HomeExchange, using a weekend getaway as a first exchange is a fantastic way to familiarize yourself with the community. We recommend turning the “Last Minute” feature in your profile on to show that you’re also interested in hosting for this type of exchange. That way you get the full HomeExchange experience, AND your entire trip will cost you as little as a tank of gas. If you do a reciprocal exchange, you and your exchange partner will likely be crossing paths, why not take the time to meet halfway or welcome each other as you arrive/depart? There’s a good chance that your new friendship will be one of the things you’ll remember most about your exchange.

With HomeExchange it is easy to find the ideal escape without having to spend outrageous prices on last minute accommodation. We have a community of over 400,000 homes available around the world that are sure to satisfy your craving for travel.

So what are you waiting for? Store up those frequent flyer miles and discover a nearby gem. The fun and freedom of a quick getaway will leave you recharged and ready for your next exchange!

Find your next Weekend Vacation!