Welcome to another post of our Meet a member series, to learn about your fellow Community members, or should we say, “fellow furry Community members?” Meet Crusoe, the celebrity Dachshund dog who explores the world with HomeExchange.

Travel like Crusoe with HomeExchange

Guest Post by Crusoe, Celebritydachshund.com

As a world-famous celebrity dog and with certain high standards, I take my travel arrangements very seriously – and especially so for where I stay. It’s enough I have to put up with this cramped little carry-on bag for several hours just to get to my destination…!

So obviously, I want to know that wherever I’m headed, I’m going to be a happy pup when I get there!

It’s a sad fact that the vast majority of hotels still do not accept dogs (...yes, even celebrity dogs), which is not only insulting but also a hindrance when it comes to planning out a great vacation…

That is, until I discovered HomeExchange.com!

So now every trip I take involves a home exchange through HomeExchange This is such a perfect solution for a traveling dog such as myself. First of all, it’s easier to find a home available for an exchange that accepts dogs than a hotel that accepts dogs, and even if they don’t, homeowners are more flexible. Plus, (depending on the type of home) I can plan for a backyard and a bit of green space – which again, is something a hotel doesn’t always have – in fact, rarely has.

But the list continues, for if you swap for a private and secluded home, you don’t have to worry about barking or noise complaints (don’t get me wrong, I’m well behaved and only bark when needed), and it’s also easier to leave the dog alone if you go out for dinner or something (many hotels don’t allow the dog to be left alone).

Take for instance, this exchange I had in Maine – a gorgeous secluded, waterfront property.

My beautiful home exchange in Maine

With our very own dock and boat…

The dock of my home exchange

Where I could go fishing with Mum!

Fishing with mum during my home exchange in Maine

The owner of the house was so kind as to even set a couple lobster traps for us before we got there. So later in the week, we had the amazing experience of being able to check them ourselves!

Fishing lobster during my home exchange in Maine

No hotel can replicate that sort of experience!

And for when I got tired, there was even a hammock for me to relax in!

Chilling during my home exchange in Maine
Pet-friendly home exchanges in Maine

I also used HomeExchange for my recent vacation to the Bahamas! I wanted a nice cozy villa on the beach with some privacy so I could work on my full-body tan (if you know what I mean…).

My home exchange in the Bahamas wasn't too shabby!

But it still wasn’t far from a more popular tourist beach for when I wanted a little more action and excitement, and maybe a nice cocktail under an umbrella.

Life is good in The Bahamas with HomeExchange

The home also had a pair of kayaks we could use whenever we wanted!

“You mean, no resort fees for taking out a kayak!?”

Kayaking with mum was free with HomeExchange

That’s right!

The owner of this villa even had two little dogs of her own, so was ever-so happy to have me as her special little guest!

Me at the home exchange... just like home!

It felt like a home away from home. When you’re traveling with pets, it’s important they can be comfortable, too. Trust me.

Pet-friendly home exchanges in The Bahamas

And guess what?

This upcoming May of 2015 I’m going for an adventure through Europe, visiting France, Italy, and Switzerland with some amazingly beautiful and culture-rich home exchanges along the way!

Can’t wait! : )

Keep travelin’,

~ Crusoe