The year 2020 was more than complicated and will certainly be long remembered. However, for some members of the HomeExchange community,  2020 will also stand out as the year when, while respecting COVID-19 restrictions and mask requirements, they embarked on their first home exchange. A common theme in their stories? They don’t see themselves traveling any other way now!

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These new members shared their stories to our Facebook groups in order to share their enthusiasm about their first home exchange. Read their stories!

Discoveries and Encounters with the Family

HomeExchange-home swap discoveries with the family

“Here we are, a first year subscription coming to an end.  Eleven months now since we've passed this milestone, and we'll never go back,  ever again.

"Thanks to HomeExchange, we have been able to carry out 9 exchanges and are in the process of scheduling a new one to begin in 15 days. For 2021 we already have 2 stays planned in the Netherlands and Switzerland. Simply put, THANK YOU for these wonderful discoveries, these extraordinary encounters, all these family vacations! Of course, we will renew our subscription with great pleasure…”

—Perrine, November 2020

"Back from our first exchange! We visited the Island of Mallorca and saw the dolphins. We were so delighted with our home in Binnisalem and our host family."

Sonia, July 2020

Unexpected Destinations

HomeExchange home swap unexpected destinations

"First exchange for us (we had already lent our house for GuestPoints this summer but had never been to anyone's house before). We had a bit of murmuring the day before because we spent the day cleaning. We wanted everything to be clean for our hosts.

"But now we are spending a week in Mallemort and what a pleasure! Visit to Avignon, Marseille, its old port, the basilica Notre Dame de la Garde, and the Haribo shop . Yesterday we visited Provencal Colorado and today Aix en Provence . It's great because it's a destination I wouldn't necessarily have left home for in December.... Can't wait to find a lot of other exchanges. My house in Haute Savoie is just waiting for you!”

Laurine, December 2020

Expectations Met

HomeExchange-home swap expectations met

"At last... Our first exchange has arrived !!!! Thanks to Sandra and Mathieu for their welcome ! The house is magnificent and the location, in Niort, strategic, at the gates of the Marais Poitdevin (superb without or in the rain), less than an hour from La Rochelle, the Ile de Ré... What a perfect first experience!"

Elodie, October 2020

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