When it comes to exchanging homes, we put trust at the forefront. That is why we do everything we can to build the most trustworthy home exchange community in the world.

We are a community of like-minded travelers with the desire to discover the world through authentic, affordable, and accessible experiences. The HomeExchange community centers around the values of hospitality, generosity, and the belief that human connection is the best way to share cultures and learn from one another. HomeExchange works every day to refine and boost these values so that every interaction is a place to learn.


We are here for you

HomeExchange relies on a highly skilled and experienced team to be with you before, during, and after your exchange experience. Covering more than 10 languages, the Happiness Team is here to work with you to find answers to your questions whether by phone, email or live chat.

Additionally, our HomeExchange representatives, natives in each language, are available to offer you personalized responses and connect you to the community through in-person events and more. That’s not all; you can also contact experienced Ambassadors who volunteer to help their fellow HomeExchangers navigate the website, organize their exchanges, and share their global knowledge.

The levels of Verification

Your membership to HomeExchange comes with the opportunity to have your account verified. Here’s are a few ways to be verified:

  1. By verifying your identity and property proves to other Members that you are a real person with an actual home
  2. Since communication is essential between our Members, we recommend you verify your phone number and your email address

Verification offers you more access to home exchanges as Members can choose only to be contacted by Verified Members and, as a Verified Member, you can do the same. We do everything we can to protect your personal information, only confirming that we have verified your profile, phone number, and email address.

The simple act of verifying your account shows your commitment to the rest of the community and HomeExchange gives you with GuestPoints for going through the process.

Get Verified

Our committed community

The HomeExchange team, along with our Members, are dedicated to maintaining the quality of our community. We built the platform to encourage and assist you in informing our Happiness Team of any irregularities, either on the website or in a Listing. With a level of efficiency and attention to detail, the Happiness Team routinely reviews the site to ensure nothing gets overlooked and that values stay in the forefront of your experience.

Ratings you can believe in

We feel like to know who you’re exchanging with; you see how they have exchanged in the past. That’s why HomeExchange offers Members the chance to rate their experience once the exchange has been completed, allowing the community to share in its success. Both Exchange Partners ratings are published at the same time helping to encourage the community to be genuinely transparent. Additionally, our team is always available should any issue arise, but we make a point never to delete a comment without the consent of the Member.

We feel that ratings are some best ways to prove the success of home exchange. The opportunity to read real comments from actual Members is not only helpful but is also a way to facilitate exchanges between Members.

Learn more about our rating system