When is the right time to think about your next trip?

The end of summer is nearly approaching and the thought of going back to school or work is getting you a little depressed? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you. Fall is the best time to plan your next travel to that dream destination you always wanted to go.

Next holidays GTG

To increase your chances of finding a home exchange, we advise you to start your search 2 months in advance. Searching homes in advance will give you ample time to find and organize an exchange in your favorite destination. If other members have not defined their travel plans yet, you can initiate the conversation by sending a small introductory message to organize your exchange. In addition, anticipating your next travel early will allow you to save money on transport (like train or plane tickets).

Our Tip: Do a search with dates and the filter “Guest Wanted” to find homes that will be available for your next trip.

Find inspiration for your next trip

Are you lacking inspiration? Planning your next trip in advance is a solution to avoid traditional and touristy spots that you visit every year with your family. Probably for many years, you have been traveling the traditional way, try something new and exciting. It is time to innovate the way you travel.

Home exchange is ideal for any kind of travel even the unexpected last-minute getaways! With over 400,000 members around the world, you have your pick of destinations. Log onto HomeExchange, go to your homepage and check out “Our New Homes”. There are many new members who are ready to host you in exchange for GuestPoints.

New HomesVisit “Our New Homes” section search for homes and message members.

Where to go for your next family trip?

Do you want to be unique and explore the world? Discover some unusual destinations with different activities on your next trip!

  • Take a refreshing dip in thermal baths this winter in Italy

  • Explore the scenic forest of Ardennes

  • Enjoy the sunset, ruby red rocks and the Colorado River in Arizona

  • Climb the hilltop and view the Mediterranean coast Alicante

On the contrary, if you prefer to go to famed destinations, visit our HomeExchange homepage and search in “Popular Destinations” you can travel to the most famous destinations around the world by organizing an exchange.

Our Tip: Ask your exchange partners or your host for suggestions like activities, restaurants, places to visit, or local traditions. This is the best way to discover local living and find things you will never see in tour guide books. Join the HomeExchange Facebook group to chat with other members. This is a great way to plan your travels, exchange ideas, and communicate with other members. For example, you can ask for recommendations and find homes that are available for exchange in the destination of your choice.

Our Tip: Organize a meeting on HomeExchange Facebook group by clicking the option “Get together” and share a friendly moment with other members who would be interested in exchanging their homes.*Now you know how to avoid the back to school or work “depression”. Start organizing your next home exchange with HomeExchange

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