Earth Day, celebrated worldwide each year on April 22, reminds us all that we are invited guests of our planet. On HomeExchange, however, every day is Earth Day for the many members who have converted to or built eco-friendly homes. On every continent and with remarkable diversity and creativity, home exchangers are at the forefront of efforts to champion sustainable living. They employ a variety of means: electricity generated by photovoltaic systems; solar water heaters; renewable building materials such as bamboo, red cedar and other natural products; rainwater cisterns and grey water recycling systems; wooden floors sourced from managed forests; environmentally friendly paint; organic gardens, chemical-free swimming pools and more. Here are 10 eco-friendly homes on HomeExchange:

Sydney Manly Beach, Australia

Welcome to Australia, one of the happiest and healthiest countries in the world! This modern, luxury architect designed house is located in Sydney’s well-known Manly beach and it offers cross ventilation louvers to take advantage of the Australian ocean breeze. It also features solar hot water, as well as a light and bright interior with travetine and bamboo floors, and screened windows. One of the Members who stayed there during a HomeExchange says, “Breeze flows through the house’s screened full length doors, keeping the interior cool and fresh”. Can you already feel the breeze? Get in touch with Catherine.

Bahia, Brazil

This amazing Brazilian home operates as a small family run boutique hotel and its owners are happy to exchange it for free with another HomeExchanger. The house was built with the utmost respect for the surroundings and is literally an extension to the jungle in Marau. Staying at the Butterfly House means relaxed and peaceful holidays, all while having a sustainable and organic attitude towards the environment. Ready for your eco-friendly HomeExchange in Brazil? Get in touch with Chloe

Bayeux, Normandy, France

The owners of this home not only built it with the light and sun orientation in mind, but also decided to install a vegetal roof top and use organic materials. The result is a comfortable and welcoming eco-friendly home built in wood that stays warm both inside and outside. A great place to stay if you are planning on visiting Normandy and the D-Day beaches. Get in touch with Hervé.

Konzen, Germany

HomeExchangers that have stayed in this house say that it is “inspirational”, “full of creative surprises” and “unique”! Indeed, this extraordinary eco-friendly home is built with a big winter garden on two levels. The walls are made of glass, so expect lots of light with very good soundproofing. Bonus: the interior hides some other surprises such as a fireplace and a hammock. Already picturing yourself there? Get in touch with Dani, Nadja & family (aka Biosolarfans).

Guadeloupe, French Caribbeans

How about an exotic trip to the French Caribbeans? This creole bioclimatic home is an authentic paradise! It is naturally ventilated, built in red wood, and has breathtaking views on the Saintes Bay – known as one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Plus, the pet exchange here is almost a must, as you will be living in a huge natural park with a wide variety of wild and domestic animals nearby. Nothing dangerous! Want to go to paradise? Get in touch with Pierre and Marie.

Cape Town, South Africa

This is an architect designed, environmentally aware glass, steel and brick house. Almost all rooms have ocean views with the lounge and main bedroom having large corner glass windows. If you are a freelancer or plan to be working during your home exchange, no worries: there is a home office downstairs with a panoramic view of the pristine beach of Scarborough. Read what other travelers say on TripAdvisor. A swim or a run on the beach will be the best reward for your hard work! If you are more a “pool person”, you will be delighted with its heated pool. Ready for an exchange in Cape Town? Get in touch with David.

Perth, Scotland, UK

The owners of this spectacular and beautiful architect’s house, Jennifer and Peter, say that it “was designed and built as a fun retirement project.” This fun and eco-friendly design home has been shared with the HomeExchange community since 2012! The house features solar heating, energy efficient boiler, and wood sourced from managed forests. The whole house has underfloor heating (generated by an air source heat pump), and the temperature is a constant 22 degrees throughout the year. If you are an artist or like to work on your inspiration during your holidays, you will be happy to read that there is a cute separate artist studio. Ready for this eco-friendly & fun experience? Get in touch with Jennifer and Peter, homeexchangers for the past 20 years with over 40 successful and happy swaps completed!

Red Rock Canyon Country, Utah, USA

The owners of this house designed it for maximum light, with the french doors oriented for views of the surrounding bluffs and cliffs. The views from the living room are simply breathtaking! The super dark night skies in this area are perfect for star-gazing, and the home features a deck and hot tub right off the master bedroom. The house is located in Bluff, Utah, and according to Marianne, a HomeExchanger who stayed there, that is “the most fantastic scenery on earth you can imagine.” Indeed, Bluff is Utah’s best kept secret! Get in touch with Marti and David

Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

If you are looking for a relaxed, peaceful and natural holiday, this is your home to exchange with! No cell phone reception here and the home is off-grid, getting its own electricity from solar panels. It operates in an efficient, low-impact way, without sacrificing comfort and luxury. Located on five acres of secluded jungle with total privacy, it is the perfect place to explore Tulum’s legendary white-sand beaches, cenotes, ruins, the Sia’an Kaan biosphere, and more! Get in touch with Randy and Susan.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Minutes from lakes and mountains and bucolic landscapes, this is a brand new eco-friendly house made for peaceful, safe and healthy retreats. It was built partly by its owners. Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will be spoiled in all seasons. World Biosphere Reserve of Lake St-Pierre and the St. Lawrence River are less than an hour from this home. Ready for a natural escape? Get in touch with Yves and Lucie.

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