We’re excited to make HomeExchange even easier with the introduction of Passport. Your exchanges no longer have to be one:one. Welcome to the HomeExchange Passport program!

The concept of Passport is simple. Instead of exchanging your home for another, you exchange it for a Balloon. Host any Passport holder and earn a balloon; then use your balloon to visit any Passport holder’s home anytime. No points. No money. Just good karma.

HomeExchangers around the world are loving the flexibility and endless opportunities this program offers. Here are stories from a few Members whose Passport exchange left them extremely happy and eagerly awaiting the next one:

I know many of the places we want to go, like Paris, London, Edinburgh, Heidelberg have people in the HomeExchange community who have the same problem we do; people who would like an exchange some place, but not in Washington DC! The Passport program, allows people to stay at our house for a Balloon whose house we don’t want to visit, and allows us to stay at someone’s house who doesn’t want to stay at our house! It is a win-win situation, especially for people in locations that are in high demand!
Carol, DC, USA- - - - - -

comm602_1200x600_blog_testimonials_sueArranging my first Passport exchange was actually much easier than any of my past regular exchanges. Because I live in a small city not yet on the tourist mecca map, though it definitely should be, I’ve had to wait for inquiries from people who have already researched Portland. I haven’t had a lot of luck with my own inquiries, so I was very surprised to receive 6 responses, 4 of them positive, from my 9 requests. That is a much higher response rate than I’ve ever had. With Passport, I am also not restricted to exchanging with a single or a couple because of the small size of my apartment – I’ll be exchanging with a family of five and they’ll use my Balloon to go to a home that can accommodate them.
Susan, OR, USA

comm602_1200x600_blog_testimonials_sandraMy husband, our teenage girls and I were travelling for 3 weeks in California, Nevada and Utah. We organized two regular home exchanges in San Francisco and in LA, one night in a teepee, one night in a RV, some nights in motels and one night in Alice’s home with the Passport program.
I sent an e-mail to Alice and got a very fast and positive answer from her. The evening we arrived at her home, her husband opened a bottle of wine, we all shared our holiday experience and they gave us some tips for excursions in LA.
Sandra, Switzerland

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comm602_1200x600_blog_testimonials_robinI have recently hosted a Passport holder. It was easy to make arrangements, similar to a 1-1 exchange. We met to exchange the keys, sent instructions via email prior & registered the Passport exchange on the website. Voilà, we have a Balloon!
Robin, HI, USA

We were invited to the Passport program and received one Balloon. We were delighted to offer the Balloon this summer to our hosts, which allowed us to have a week in a villa at the edge of the mediterranean sea, with a pool. They’ll then go to the US using the Balloon. We’ll try now to earn more Balloons. This system suited us perfectly. We can host people in transit in Paris because we live near Orly airport.
Réjane, France- - - - - -

We were contacted by a very nice and friendly family from Hungary and despite not having time to go there we agreed for them to come to our place, we then earned one Balloon as a result.
Miha, Slovenia- - - - - -

Our passport exchange was extremely easy. We were contacted by a couple in Venice, as they needed to stay at our place for a couple of nights as they were making their way across the western USA visiting various national parks. We had just visited Venice the previous year, and did not see ourselves returning in the next 5 years, and therefore opted to use the Passport exchange option. We set up the exchange, and they came and stayed at our place. It was super easy and we earned a Balloon by doing so. We are busy planning future exchanges in which we can use our new Balloon!
Charles, UT, USAWant to learn more? Dedicate two minutes to this entertaining and educational infographic of how Passport works or read the FAQ.

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