Dear HomeExchangers,

As you know, we love sharing tips within the community to help you find exchanges more easily. We’ve seen that lately, we have more and more Members asking for advice to find long-term exchanges so we wanted to share some tips and we got it from our best source - you!  

Before we jump into it, here’s a little fun fact, the longest home-exchange organized on the platform was between a family in Aix-en-Provence and a family in British Columbia, and it lasted… 336 days! Of course, not everyone has the luxury to do an exchange of 336 days but in case this is in your plans, you know it’s possible!

Firstly, know that you need to anticipate! One of our Members, Jacques, told us he started searching for an exchange a year and a half before his trip!

Arranging such exchanges is a long process that can take up to 18 months according to Robert, an experienced Member. But seeing all the amazing experiences these Members had, it seems to us that it’s definitely worth it ;-)

The next thing we would advise you to do is to join the “Long-term exchangers” group (under "My Profile"). In that group, you can see other Members who are also interested in doing long-term exchanges and propose an exchange with them! We also have a 'groups' filter when you are doing a search so by joining the group, if other Members make a search to go to your country and choose to see Members who are in the "long-term exchangers" group, you will appear in it!

What can also help you to get better results when searching for homes is applying the “secondary home” filter. Members might be more flexible and thus open to arranging long term exchanges in their secondary home.

Another simple thing to do is to enter the exact dates that you are looking for in the search bar, to make sure that you will get results of home that are available for this specific period.  

Otherwise, you can always try to find your match by sharing your listing on our closed Facebook Groups (All about home exchange, French, Spanish, English), explaining what makes it special! And vice-versa, you might spot a listing available for dates that suit you!

“Through long term exchanges, we have made good friends with many people. Extraordinarily, on our last visit, we discovered a distant relative among the local population who had connections with my home town. You never know where home exchange will take you.”

- Gary, 7 exchanges

Start looking for your next dream home-exchange!