TikTok: Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that the app has played a significant role in how we share information, memes, stories, and more. Even HomeExchange has been posting to our very own TikTok account, and we’ve also gotten some shoutouts from TikTokers around the world. We put together a list of some of our favorite TikToks about HomeExchange for you to watch and enjoy. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired to make a few videos of your own!

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betsyonthego’s TikTok that will have you planning your next family vacation:

@betsyonthego Weekend vacation to Seattle #autismodyssey #bekindvest #joey #autism #ballard #seattle #museumofpopculture #spaceneedle #homeexchange #cheapvacation ♬ Lovely Day / Good as Hell Mashup - Pomplamoose

dariengoesdutch’s post that covers the basics of HomeExchange and home swapping:

@dariengoesdutch Home exchanging - a piece of the puzzle - how we ended up moving abroad #moving #americansabroad #expatsinthenetherlands #NeverStopExploring #travel ♬ original sound - DarienGoesDutch

homeexchangecom’s video on how HomeExchange sounds too good to be true:

@homeexchangecom they don’t pay me enough for this #interns 😒 #homeexchange #travel #explore #workthisway ♬ original sound - Kyle & Jackie O
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exchangingdays’s TikTok that will fill you with wanderlust and longing for the great outdoors:

@exchangingdays More from our Asheville trip #asheville #ashevillenc #thanksgiving #familytime #waterfalls #hiking #homeexchange ♬ Sound by ajwavy - John Zimmer

toogoofy’s post about not apologizing for a great vacation:

@toogoofy Saying sorry makes me nauseous. Go check out @homeexchangecom to travel anywhere in the world for a one time payment of $175 👀 #MakeNightsEpic #ItsGreatOutdoors #traveltips #traveltheworld #travelbucketlist #hometipsandtricks ♬ original sound - filmfreaak
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After these TikToks, hopefully you feel like you learned a little bit about home swapping and how fun and easy it can be. If you’ve made a post about us, please feel free to let us know by tagging us on TikTok (and don’t forget to follow us for the latest TikToks by HomeExchangers).