In May 2022, HomeExchange member Anne traveled from Los Angeles, CA to Paris, France for vacation. With her adorable dog in tow, the two of them were able to explore all that Paris had to offer over the course of 20 days. Check out her story below!

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What did you appreciate most about the home you stayed in?

The place I stayed in had a fantastic view of Paris. Coming from Los Angeles, it was great to feel like I was in a huge city with high-rises.

What did you appreciate most about your exchange partner?

My exchange partner was extremely communicative, and had given me a detailed outline of his appliances and the workings of his apartment before I arrived. He also left me a beautiful note along with some wine and food! :)


What did you see or do during your exchange?

Because Paris is very walkable, I spent a lot of time walking through the city. I visited some of the more obscure museums and gardens, since I have visited Paris twice before. I also took some recommendations from my host, including some delicious nearby Vietnamese food.

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What is one of your best memories or experiences from a home exchange?

I have ended up becoming friends with both hosts in France!


What would you say to your friends and family who are considering HomeExchange?

I would say: "Don't be afraid of strangers, think the best of people, and go see the world!"

What tips and tricks would you give to new HomeExchangers?

Always make sure you are clear with what you want out of a home. Provide your host with context. Let them know about any concerns you might have. Set them up for success!


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