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Thanks to our many great and loyal members who have been supporting us through the years, our HomeExchange community has continued to grow and will continue to do so in the coming years. Thank you for helping us make the home exchange concept more known over the years by talking about it with your friends and family and for staying engaged with the community with the many great stories and testimonies you share with each other.

We are so grateful because you embody the HomeExchange spirit and you make up the HomeExchange community that all our members are so happy and proud to be a part of and we want you to continue to create many beautiful memories with us!

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Here’s some testimonials from our members about their HomeExchange experience over the years!

"Over the years, I have done almost 20 exchanges - each of them great! It's so much better than staying at a hotel, as you have a kitchen, usually a washer and dryer, and get to feel like a local. HomeEchange's customer service is super. The annual fee costs less than one night at a good hotel.”
- Scott, 18 exchanges
“I have been home-exchanging since 2005 and it’s still a delight every time. They are always great experiences, beautiful encounters and give the opportunity for interesting discoveries.
Thank you and bravo to HomeExchange for making all this possible!”
- Sylvie
“Soon, it’ll be our fourth year of exchanging and I have just one question: how could I do it before? It is THE site that guarantees security even in the event of cancellation... The team is always there. A single annual subscription for unlimited exchanges. The best!”
- Wendy

To our loyal members: thank you

“At the beginning I was very sceptical and even scared about security and privacy. It turned out to be FANTASTIC!!!!! I have already made many friends through HomeExchange and I can only recommend it. Well done HOMEEXCHANGE and its community. It has been only one year and we are already planning more home-exchanges for next year and the year after... Thank you.”
- Ivana, 10 exchanges
“This service revolutionises the way you travel. We have been travelling with this company for eight years and we have had nothing but positive experiences.”
- Courtenay

To our loyal members: thank you

“We have completed about 100 Home Exchanges all over the world! We now have friends worldwide! We have been so many places we would never have even considered, such as South Africa, Czech Republic, Bali, Sri Lanka, and Europe all over, several times! Above and beyond. Thank you.” - Carrell
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