Agus is a HomeExchange member from Buenos Aires, Argentina and some time ago, he and his girlfriend decided to change their lifestyles, leave the office and venture into life as digital nomads. Using home exchange as digital nomad housing has been the best way to make their dreams come true, allowing them to discover beautiful, new places while working.

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Using HomeExchange as digital nomad housing: Agus’ road trip around Europe

Agus, his girlfriend and their dog recently went on a one-month road trip around Europe, all while staying at different home exchanges and working remotely. He describes their journey and their experiences during their trip:

"Me and my girlfriend have always dreamed of traveling and today we have made it our lifestyle. For some years HomeExchange has given us the chance to visit incredible places that we might never have imagined visiting. We recently went on a road trip for a month visiting 4 countries in Europe. Thanks to our remote work we can organize our trips with more flexibility and accommodate different possibilities. Organizing such a long trip is not so easy and even more so when you travel with your dog. Fortunately, more and more houses accept pets nowadays!"

Friends enjoying the sun on vacation in Bilbao on a HomeExchange

"Our journey began in Bilbao, Spain, in a reciprocal exchange house that until today was the best of all! We visited the city for a weekend where we visited the Guggenheim museum, ate the famous pintxos and drank the best cider.
From Bilbao we traveled to Bordeaux, France, where we spent one night. Although it was not enough time, we were able to explore the streets of the city and its parks."

"Our next stop was Paris, France. We stayed in an exchange on the outskirts of the city where we were able to live like a local. We would get up early to walk our dog and buy bread for breakfast at home. Then we would dedicate a few hours to work and prepare everything to go out and discover the city and enjoy the best pastries. At nightfall we would return home to have dinner and plan the next day. They were three days in one of the most beautiful cities we have known so far."

Traveling in Paris as a digital nomad

"We then traveled to Düsseldorf, Germany. We spent a week there for work. In our exchange house we had a large garden to enjoy the outdoors with our pet. During those days we take long walks in the park and enjoy local food."

"Halfway through our trip we arrived in Alsemberg, a city south of Brussels, Belgium. We are still thinking of moving there. It was a lovely little town where you can enjoy the forest which is just a few minutes walk away. There we took advantage of a rainy day to work a lot and plan our visit to Brussels, Ghent and Bruges. These cities are magical, you will be enchanted by their architecture, their little streets and above all the best French fries!"

"On our way back, we made a short stop in Tours, France, an ancient city with beautiful castles and bridges. We visited a friend and shared a drink."

"Finally, on the last days of our road trip we visited the Basque Country in Spain. Our exchange in Lekeitio, a small fishing village, was lovely. There we enjoyed the sea and its beaches in the low season. It is an ideal place to go with pets! In our apartment, we were able to cook and work for a few hours before enjoying walks along the cliffs and dining in the little bars near the port. Before returning to Bilbao, we made one last stop in San Sebastián where we were able to rest in a comfortable exchange apartment and prepare everything for our return home."

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How Agus uses HomeExchange as a digital nomad

Enjoying the beach after working from home

We also asked Agus some more general questions about how he uses HomeExchange to work remotely and how it benefits his unique lifestyle:

How did you find out about home exchanging?

"A few years ago, while we were planning our first trip to New York with friends, the movie "The Holiday" was on TV. That's when we thought, "This really has to exist" and googled options. There we found HomeExchange as the best option and decided to give it a try. From that moment on, it was our preferred way of traveling!"

What are your requirements when finding a home exchange to work from?

"It is super important for us to have an internet connection in the places where we stay. When carrying out a search on HomeExchange we use the filters to have options that fit our needs. "Wifi" and "Pets welcome" are our mandatory filters! That is why it is very important to describe in detail all the comforts that your house has!"

What would you say to other digital nomads who are considering HomeExchange?

"Those who work as a digital nomad should definitely give HomeExchange a try. Not only will they have the comfort of a comfortable workspace, they will also be able to see places they may never have thought to visit. They just have to give it a go and they'll love it!"

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How do you make sure to maintain a good work/life balance?

"Balancing work and personal life is always a challenge for a digital nomad. Everyone has their own recipe for this to work. In my case, I try to schedule my work hours in advance so that I can plan my days while I travel. I usually work early in the morning to have the day off and do activities."

HomeExchange with pets in Alsemberg

Where has your favorite location been to work from remotely?

"I don't think I can choose just one place :) Each house has had its charm. From our last exchanges I think that Bilbao was one of the best places to work. We were in a very large house, with views of the city and a garden to go outside and get some fresh air."

What's your favorite thing about this lifestyle?

"What we like the most about this lifestyle is that we both enjoy it a lot, I think having a travel partner makes everything more enjoyable. We have learned to "travel light" without too much baggage and this allows us to be flexible when choosing our destinations. We like the feeling of living the whole year on vacation!"

What are your plans for the future?

"Our plans are to keep traveling! We would love to get to know the world and show how this is possible so that more people are encouraged to do it. We believe that traveling is a way to grow personally and HomeExchange allows us to fulfill this dream."

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