As you already know, it’s a big step to take opening up the doors to your home and welcoming someone you met online into it, trusting them completely and doing everything you can to make their trip as enjoyable as possible. And as guests, we do everything we can to thank our hosts for their hospitality - by leaving the home clean (or even cleaner) than when we arrived, respecting their house rules, taking care of their furry little friend or watering the plants. HomeExchangers are also known for leaving little gifts or notes of appreciation so that their hosts have a nice surprise to come home to after their vacation.

Of course, nothing is mandatory but here are some common practices by our HomeExchangers to thank their hosts for opening the doors of their home to them!

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What HomeExchangers often leave for their hosts to say thank you

  1. Most of you leave a little note of thanks in the home before leaving
“We leave a little note of thanks for the parents. And our children leave a note or drawing for the children who left their rooms for our children.”
- Sophie, 37 exchanges

2.   Many members also bring along some local treats from home and leave it for their hosts

“I always leave a little something that I bring from my city because I believe that it is something that symbolizes gratitude for the trust that our hosts place in us.
- Kilian, 8 exchanges

3.   Some prefer to buy gifts to thank their hosts while they are on exchange

“We always buy them something during our stay because that is when we get to know them the most, especially if we get to meet them in person and through the details we see in their house. Sometimes, if possible, we even like to get something that complements their home hat we believe fits them and that would remind them of us.”
- Beatriz, 12 exchanges

Everyone has their own way of doing things

Some members like to bring something homemade for their hosts to show their appreciation, some prefer to get inspiration by spending some days at their hosts’ home and getting to know their personalities. But something a majority of our members can agree on is that it’s always nice to come home from vacation to a little something from our guests.

“We love coming home and finding a little mark of appreciation that shows that our exchange partners were happy with the exchange - a note, a drawing, a postcard, etc. It's the intention that counts, as they say 😊”
- Valérie, 22 exchanges

A guide to help you prepare for your exchange

Don’t hesitate to read our second HomeExchange guide about preparing for your first exchange. Even if it’s not your first time, it could still be a useful reminder for you ;-)

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