You know HomeExchange is a different way of traveling based on generosity. It is not only about accommodation but a whole experience from the moment you send the first message to your potential exchange partner. You can personalize your holidays, living like a local everywhere in the world thanks to other Members’ hospitality.

Discover HomeExchange!

The HomeExchange community has shown us that there are many reasons to love HomeExchange, but you probably have your own  and we would love to hear them!

Maybe you love HomeExchange because…

You have just discovered this different way of traveling and can’t believe it’s true!

Were you used to rental platforms until you discovered HomeExchange? Now, you found a community who loves hosting , not for earning money but for the opportunity to learn more about other cultures. You have been (or will be) hosted in real homes, which are not prepared for renting but for welcoming (and you have felt so thankful for it).  It is like an absolutely different “culture of traveling”.

“I would never rent a house anymore. Home exchanges really suit our whole family, our kids get to stay in houses where other kids live, we get to know other people and other cultures "from the inside", and we get to discover incredible places completely "off the beaten tracks", destinations we would never have thought of but that really gave us the best memories ever.” - Sophie, HomeExchanger

You have learned about the real meaning of sharing from your HomeExchange partners.

HomeExchange is about sharing your home with the community, being generous, respectful and offering hospitality. Trust is the key, and communication between Members helps to generate it and to build great and safe home exchange experiences. We open our doors when hosting and and feel so thankful and respectful when we are Guests. This is exactly what HomeExchange fundamentals are about!  

"What I like best is its altruistic value. The concept of sharing, of collaboration and of two parties benefiting each other. The role of trust and the wonderful people who build this community." - Manuel, HomeExchanger.

"HomeExchange is a unique way for me to promote collaborative tourism. If today everything is paid for in tourism, many things are worth more than just commercial value. In our family we love discovering new places, but what especially makes the difference in our travels are the relationships we create with those we meet." - Myriam, HomeExchanger.

You love the feeling of belonging to such a passionate community.

A community who loves traveling like a local as much as you. They feel the same curiosity as you when they receive a new exchange offer from someone on the web (wondering where it will be from this time) and love communicating with other Members. They prepare their local tips and hidden gems for you, which can’t be found in  typical travel guides but that only locals know. And this makes your travel experience so unique. And sometimes, your exchange partner is not only your host or guest but even becomes your friend.

“When you don’t even exchange houses, but you become friends through HE! After months talking and exchanging messages, we finally met in person in Rio de Janeiro! ” - Carolina, HomeExchanger.

“It's really fun to share our town with others. We've gathered lots of maps, menus, and travel guides for our area and leave recommendations for nearby activities. It gives us an excuse to explore more of our area (and eat at more restaurants) in order to share our favorites with our guests.” - Marjorie, HomeExchanger

You love traveling responsibly, out of the beaten paths.

You can travel more responsibly, fighting against mass tourism, because with HomeExchange we exchange not only our homes, but our way of life. You can learn about local habits and traditions, while saving money on accommodation and enjoying local activities that you like the most, fostering the local economy.  

“Before HomeExchange, I visited cities, today I live them as a local, and I stop and smell the roses. I live in real houses, not in hotels, so I can cook and do my shopping in local markets”" - Rosario, HomeExchanger

Are some of these reasons why you love HomeExchange? Feel free to share them with us and with all your friends! We are sure they will love your reasons as much as you do.

Discover HomeExchange!