Congratulations! Your listing and profile are both 100% complete. You’ve looked through HomeExchange for an accommodation in your dream destination! You’ve interacted with other Members through our messaging system and now you have it! You’ve found an exchange! Now, all that’s left to do is validate it. Here’s some tips and information about this important step: the exchange finalization.

The importance of finalizing an exchange

Finalizing your exchange is essential. It’s important to remember that the HomeExchange guarantees are effective from the date of the confirmation of the exchange and can only be applied if the exchange is finalized within the platform. HomeExchange can then assist you if necessary. Without finalizing your exchange, you will also not be able to leave a review of the exchange when it is over.

The steps to concluding an exchange

On the HomeExchange platform, you can choose how you organize your exchange. It’s recommended that you share in the title of your listing the types of exchanges you are open to — if you are up for anything or prefer an exchange with GuestPoints or a reciprocal exchange.

In the calendar’ section of your listing (this is where you indicate the availability of your home), there is a color code for the different types of exchanges to make it easier for you at a glance!

Discussing the details of the exchange with our messaging system

The basis of any successful exchange is communication. Don’t hesitate to send messages to Members whose homes you would like to stay in. You can send as many requests as you would like. We recommend that you personalize your message; it’ll be much friendlier this way and you’ll be more likely to get a response. That’s also how you can share your possible exchange dates and the number of travelers.

We discourage you from sharing your personal information with your exchange partner before the exchange is finalized, your email and phone number in particular. Any exchange finalized externally and not within our platform will not be covered by our guarantees.

Until the exchange is finalized, your conversation with another Member has the status “Currently under discussion.”

If you click on a conversation that is still under discussion, you can find on the right side of the screen the option to modify your dates and the number of travelers of the proposed exchange.

Everything you need to know about our messaging system

The pre-approval

Each exchange needs to be pre-approved before it can be finalized, regardless of the type of exchange. Pre-approving the exchange means the host accepts the dates of the exchange, the number of guests, the amount of GuestPoints for the exchange, and other exchange details. It is not possible to finalize an exchange until it has been pre-approved, and it is up to the host to pre-approve the exchange.

If the guest decides not to move forward with the exchange with the host, the guest should inform the host and then the host can cancel the pre-approval. It could hinder the organization of another exchange if the host leaves the exchange as pre-approved.

The finalization

Once the exchange has been pre-approved by the host, the guest can finalize the exchange. It is at this time that the GuestPoints indicated for the exchange are transferred to the host’s account. If you want to organize the exchange without GuestPoints, this should be arranged before the exchange is finalized.

If you or your exchange partner don’t know your travel dates yet (in the case of a non-simultaneous reciprocal exchange), the best solution would be to have two separate conversations, one for your trip and one for your exchange partner’s trip. You can then finalize two non-reciprocal exchanges, as soon as you are sure of your respective dates.

Whether it’s a reciprocal or non-reciprocal exchange, once the guest finalizes the exchange, it will be registered on the platform. When you click on “View the exchange details,” you will find the contact information and details of your exchange partner— their email, phone number and address.

It is possible to modify your exchange details if necessary after the exchange is finalized.

It is also possible to cancel the exchange in exceptional situations. It’s best to discuss this with your host/guest to find a solution together. In case of a cancellation, our team is here to assist you in finding a solution (see our guarantees in case of a cancellation).

Attention: If you are not yet a paying Member, when trying to finalize your exchange as a guest you will see a button that says “Continue.” By clicking on this, you will automatically be redirected to the payment page.

How to finalize an exchange

From the time you sign up on HomeExchange to the completion of your exchange, our entire Member Support team is here for you, ready to assist you. Don’t hesitate to contact us by email at

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