Hello everyone,

I’m happy to be taking over today! I am Nathalie from the product team, and I want to share with you how we make developments on the site. As minor as it may seem, any change that we make to the website takes at least 6 steps:

  • Design: design and specifications, i.e. the action that must be taken when you click on a button, for example.
  • Sharing: when we have a design that suits us and all the specifications have been reflected, we share the project with internal teams such as the Happiness Team. We also ask some users for their opinion of certain features before launching it. The goal of this sharing is to make sure that the functionality we designed will meet our Members’ needs.
  • Sizing: we then present the project to our developers so that they can meet and decide on what technical solution to implement and then estimate the time needed to achieve this functionality
  • Prioritization: once we know how much time is needed to develop the feature, it is put  into what is called the "backlog". It's a bit like a big basket with lots of projects ready to be coded. What we aim to achieve here is to determine which projects will be part of the next "sprint", i.e. the next projects that developers will code and that will appear on the site
  • Development: When a project is prioritized in a sprint, developers start coding based on the design and specifications defined upstream. When they are done, we test the functionality on a "mirror site" which only internal teams have access to. The goal is to make sure everything works as planned.
  • Deployment: finally, when everything is validated, the functionality is "deployed", and is made accessible to all users

See you soon!

Nathalie from the Product Team,

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