Strolling through gothic South London

A great weekend getaway story from our member Yvonne and Mike on home exchange with HomeExchange

It has been a long hot summer and Londoner’s Cecile and Kevin members of HomeExchange suggested that they would like a weekend swap with us to enjoy the cool of our seaside town. We in return pictured leisurely stroll’s in the shade of the leafy lined South bank of London. So a weekend swap to Battersea seemed like a great idea.

We had never been to south London, and I always thought that the south was generally a good viewing platform for the spectacular sights and a place where Londoner’s had historically put their prisons. To our surprise we found out that Borough in London is a safe and beautiful place to visit in the summer without crowds of tourists. Our desire to explore lesser known areas of London, the thought of the lovely Peace pagoda in Battersea park beckoning serenely across the river to Chelsea Embankment seemed like an invitation to take a North Londoner South.

Being a simple weekend swap, things went very easy and smooth. Our journey was short and simple one. Our arrival into Battersea from beautiful Chelsea Bridge on a glistening hot day was an experience to look forward too. As soon as we crossed the river everything seemed to slow down, the people the traffic and our minds too. A billboard greeted us with “The iconic Grade II” listed Power station and surrounding areas being brought back to life after thirty years of dereliction as one of the most exciting and innovative neighborhoods.

We were soon warming up in a lovely independent cafe. Characterful pubs were in abundance and there were more parks and commons than we could have imagined. The zoo, the Pump House Gallery, the heliport, and awe-inspiring views across the river from some handily laid out free deck chairs soon made us firm South of the river converts!

By the end of the weekend, both Mike and I agreed, that few places we’d seen in London bustled like Battersea whilst at the same time feeling so graceful, green and peaceful. It has officially become our favorite place in London.

Indeed, after our weekend, staying at Cecile and Kevin’s flat which is quiet, cozy and close to the river, we’d decided that this had come to be one of our favorite swaps too with HomeExchange.

We’ve have been in touch with Cecile and Kevin since and are looking forward to another swap soon.

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