While some of start a new year with high hopes and big plans, others may find themselves a bit bummed out come January as the cold looms but the holidays have come and gone. Either way, it's the perfect excuse to plan ahead and take a trip at this time. Welcoming a new year with a bit of wanderlust is just what we all could use. So where are the best places to visit in January? We are full of great ideas, from superbe slopes with snow just waiting to be shred, to exotic escapes for some serious sunshine.

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The Best Places to Visit in January in North America

Park City, Utah, USA

best places to visit january park city

Nestled amidst the breathtaking Wasatch Mountains, Park City offers a perfect blend of outdoor thrills, cultural experiences, and winter festivities. The month of January brings abundant snowfall, transforming the landscape into a pristine playground for skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. Strap on your gear and hit the slopes at world-renowned resorts like Park City Mountain and Deer Valley, where powdery trails and runs await. Aside from skiing, you can enjoy the Sundance Film Festival, one of the most prestigious events in the industry, showcasing independent films and attracting celebrities and cinephiles alike. After a day of adventure, explore the charming historic district of Main Street, lined with boutique shops, art galleries, and cozy cafes. Indulge in the local cuisine, warm up with a cup of hot cocoa, or unwind at a luxurious spa.

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Jasper, Alberta, Canada

best places to visit january alberta

For a wild winter adventure, head north to Jasper, Canada and the nearby Jasper National Park. Nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Jasper National Park offers a magical escape for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. In January, the park is adorned with a pristine blanket of snow, creating an idyllic backdrop for outdoor activities. Lace up your boots and explore the vast network of trails, whether it's snowshoeing through tranquil forests or embarking on exhilarating ice climbing adventures. Keep an eye out for wildlife such as elk, bighorn sheep, and even elusive wolves that roam the park during this time of year. Don't miss the Jasper in January Festival, a month-long celebration of winter that showcases ice carving competitions, live music performances, and enticing culinary events. The weather in January is typically cold, with temperatures ranging from 5°F to 23°F (-15°C to -5°C), so bundle up in warm layers to fully enjoy the crisp mountain air. After a day of exploration, unwind in cozy mountain lodges, savor hearty Canadian cuisine, and cozy up by crackling fireplaces. 

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Miami Beach, Florida, USA

best places to visit january miami beach

Our snowbird pick for the best place to visit in January is Miami Beach. The height of winter here is anything but cold and gloomy – in fact the conditions in South Florida are just right at this time with a dip in humidity but plenty of sunshine to sit beachside. The post holidays blues can't touch you here, as the vibrant atmosphere of Miami Beach brings color and vibrance to every day. Start your day with a leisurely stroll along the iconic Ocean Drive, soaking in the Art Deco architecture and vibrant atmosphere. Relax on the pristine sandy beaches, where crystal-clear turquoise waters beckon for a refreshing swim. January also marks the renowned Art Deco Weekend, a three-day festival celebrating the city's architectural heritage with live music, art exhibits, and fascinating walking tours. Explore the eclectic neighborhoods like Wynwood and Little Havana, filled with colorful street art, bustling markets, and delectable Latin cuisine. For a touch of glamour, visit the luxurious boutiques and world-class restaurants in the trendy Design District

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The Best Places to Visit in January in Europe

The Dolomites, Italy

best places to visit january dolomites

Located in northeastern Italy, this UNESCO World Heritage site offers a winter version of la dolce vita. In January, the Dolomites are transformed into a snow-covered paradise, perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and winter hiking. Strap on your gear and hit the slopes of renowned ski resorts like Cortina d'Ampezzo, Alta Badia, or Val Gardena, where you'll find exhilarating runs and stunning alpine vistas. For a unique experience, embark on a snowshoeing expedition, allowing you to explore hidden valleys and pristine forests. January is also the time for the famous Dolomiti Balloon Festival, where vibrant hot air balloons fill the sky, creating a colorful spectacle against the snowy backdrop. The weather in January is typically cold, with temperatures averaging around 23°F to 14°F (-5°C to -10°C), so be sure to bundle up and embrace the wintry embrace of the mountains. After a day of adventure, warm up with hearty Alpine cuisine in cozy mountain refuges, savoring local specialties like hearty stews, artisan cheeses, and delicious pastries.

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Belgrade, Serbia

best places to visit january belgrade

The Serbian capital of Belgrade offers a blend of old-world charm and modern energy. In January, it comes alive with the festivities of Serbian New Year. Join the locals in celebrating the occasion with music, dance, fireworks, and traditional Serbian cuisine. Take a stroll through the historic streets of Belgrade, admiring the architecture that reflects its complex past. Visit the imposing Belgrade Fortress, perched atop a hill with panoramic views of the city and the Danube River. Explore the bohemian quarter of Skadarlija, known for its art galleries, lively cafes, and charming cobblestone streets. In terms of weather, January in Belgrade is cold, with temperatures ranging from -28°F to 39°F (2°C to 4°C), so be sure to bundle up and explore the city's attractions comfortably. Indulge in hearty Serbian cuisine, warm up with a cup of rakija (traditional fruit brandy), and savor traditional dishes like cevapi and sarma. For a winter adventure, head to Kopaonik National Park, just a few hours away from the city, and enjoy skiing and snowboarding on its picturesque slopes. 

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Annecy, France

best places to visit january annecy

Nestled in the French Alps, Annecy's natural beauty pairs perfectly with the historic town. The post holiday ambiance here is serene, making it the perfect destination for a peaceful winter getaway. Take a leisurely stroll along the mesmerizing canals that wind through the town's medieval streets lined with pastel-colored buildings. Explore the iconic Château d'Annecy, a beautifully preserved castle that offers panoramic views of the surrounding snow-capped mountains. For a little animation, the annual International Animation Film Festival, held in January, where you can enjoy screenings of fun films. While the weather in January is cold, with temperatures ranging from 28°F to 43°F (-2°C to 6°C), the town's cozy atmosphere and occasional snowfall create a magical ambiance. Indulge in the local cuisine, savoring regional specialties such as raclette and fondue, and warm up with a cup of hot chocolate in a cute café. You didn't think we would forget the ski did you? Nearby resorts like La Clusaz and Le Grand Bornand have some of the best slopes in The Alps.

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The Best Places to Visit in January Worldwide

Hakuba, Japan

best places to visit january hakuba

Hakuba is renowned for its world-class ski resorts, offering a variety of terrains suitable for all levels of experience. You can hit the powdery slopes of Happo-One, Hakuba Goryu, or Cortina and experience for what might be the best ski in Asia. In January, the region hosts the Hakuba Snow Festival, a vibrant celebration featuring dazzling ice sculptures, traditional performances, and delicious local cuisine. Be sure to visit the nearby Jigokudani Monkey Park to see adorable snow monkeys bathing in natural hot springs. The weather in January is cold, with temperatures ranging from 21°F to 36°F (-6°C to 2°C), creating ideal conditions for winter activities. After a day on the slopes, you can also enjoy the rich cultural heritage of Japan here. Immerse yourself in the soothing waters of an onsen (hot spring) to rejuvenate both body and soul, and indulge in authentic Japanese cuisine, savoring hot bowls of ramen, fresh sushi, and comforting hot sake. 

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Beijing, China

best places to visit january beijing

As the capital city, Beijing is a bustling metropolis that seamlessly combines ancient traditions with modern marvels. In January, one of the most significant events is the Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival. The city comes alive with celebrations, including fireworks, parades, and traditional performances. Locals gather with family and friends to welcome the Lunar New Year. Nearby visit iconic landmarks such as the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, and the Temple of Heaven, and marvel at the architectural wonders that showcase China's rich history. Take a stroll through the tranquil beauty of the Summer Palace or enjoy the serenity of the Lama Temple. Plus, don't miss the change to indulge in Beijing's culinary delights, from savory Peking duck to steaming hot pots, and experience the street food scene in markets like Wangfujing Snack Street.

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Cartagena, Columbia

best places to visit january cartagena

On the Caribbean coast, Cartagena is a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its colorful colonial architecture and captivating atmosphere. In January, the city hosts the Hay Festival, a prestigious literary and cultural event that draws renowned authors, intellectuals, and artists from around the world. Take part in thought-provoking discussions, book readings, and artistic exhibitions. Explore the cobblestone streets of the walled Old Town with well-preserved Spanish colonial buildings covered with colorful bougainvillea. Discover the iconic Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, a formidable fortress that offers panoramic views of the city and the Caribbean Sea. With average temperatures ranging from 77°F to 86°F (25°C to 30°C), January provides the perfect climate to indulge in sun-soaked days at the nearby beaches of Bocagrande and Playa Blanca. Don't miss an opportunity to enjoy flavors of Colombian cuisine, savoring fresh seafood dishes, tropical fruits, and refreshing beverages like limonada de coco, and after dark enjoy lively salsa clubs and rooftop bars.

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best places to visit january home exchange

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