Do you live in a little city, village or town that gets way too overlooked?
Are you not receiving enough requests and are looking for more members to exchange with?
Or are you just so proud of where you live that you want to share its beauty with the entire world?

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“I just wanted to reassure those who feel like they live in a less attractive place than a spot near the mountains or the sea. I’ve been home exchanging for years! The name of my village is not on the world map nor on the map of France, but it’s enough to be an ambassador of where you live.
All this to say: have confidence in the treasures of where you live.”
- Christele, 24 exchanges

Do you live in a place where many tourists are already visiting?

Share with us your local recommendations here!

Help Us Make Responsible Traveling More Accessible!

At HomeExchange, we believe that there is beauty in every corner of the world and that as responsible travelers, we should be committed to moving away from mass tourism. This means choosing to explore unconventional destinations where there aren’t a million tourists on every street. This also means having more opportunities to slow down the pace of the vacation instead of racing to visit every tourist attraction. How much better to really take the time to immerse yourself in the local culture and to enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

So if you live in a lesser-known destination, we would love to have your input and encouragement in helping others travel more responsibly.

Share about where you live with us, and we’ll share about such a great destination as much as we can, wherever we can!

How Can You Participate?

Go to this link and share with us before 31 March:

  1. Where you live
  2. Why others should visit it
  3. Some photos and videos if you would like (because a picture speaks a thousand words! And a video even more! 😉)

And that’s it!

I want to share!

What Will We Do With What You Shared?

We’ll try to share as many of it as we can on our Facebook pages and on Instagram!
So follow us and keep a lookout on there 👀

We’ll also add it on The World Through a Local’s Eyes.

And whenever possible, we’ll incorporate it in our emails.

We’re so excited to share about where you live and to help others travel in a more responsible way.

I want to share!