We always enjoy hearing from our members and finding out about their experiences. When one of our Members, writer and journalist, Sandra Ramini got in touch with us, we knew we had found a fun and eloquent way to showcase some of these stories.

Sandra had already been an enthusiastic member of home exchange for nearly seven years and believed passionately that if anyone could tell these stories she could.

Sandra has been a respected travel journalist and editor for many years. She traveled the world for British Airways Highlife Magazine and was founder and former editor of Business Life for the same airline. Her book on Venice, Venice Revisited is acknowledged not just as a guidebook but a real insight into a living city.

We are delighted that she has agreed to become our ‘writer in residence’ with a regular column which we hope will entertain you, surprise you, amuse you and maybe inspire you to take your home exchange experience even further than you had in mind.

Please, feel encouraged to write in, contribute and share your experiences. Sandra wants to hear from you!