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Top travel destinations with HomeExchange in 2019

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In 2019 it's decided, you'll go on vacation whenever you want! Do not let your budget keep you from traveling: home exchange allows you to go on vacation without paying accommodation fees. Where to go in 2019 for a family holiday? HomeExchange invites you to discover 8 destinations validated by our members.

8 Destinations to Discover in 2019

Discover homes available in the most beautiful destinations of 2019. Pack your suitcases, and book your tickets it's vacation time!

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Hike and stargaze in Colombia with HomeExchange

This vibrant gem of South America is bursting at the seams with historical curiosities and outdoor excursions to set your inner adventurer loose. Wander through the colorfully frieze-lined streets of the small Andean town, Guatapé. Witness the breathtaking panoramic view atop El Peñol, one of the largest rocks in the world. Or spend an evening exploring the night’s sky peering through the telescope at the observatory in the Tatacoa Desert, Colombia is one of the most unique destinations we’re headed to in 2019.


Book your stay in Colombia

Travel to Colombia in 2019 on a budget! Discover the local culture and cuisine, and colorful towns of breathtaking Colombia!

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Design heaven in Copenhagen

Fusing futuristic art and history together, Denmark’s capital city is beaming with some of our favorite off-the-beaten-path spots. The cozy restaurants, funky bars, and activity spaces tucked inside the former shipyard on Refshaleøen peninsular, plus the incredibly artsy Superkilen park are ideal destinations for an unforgettable city excursion. The ultra-colorful 17th-century canal of Nyhavn makes for the perfect-picture backdrop to document a memorable and funky trip full of extraordinary Scandinavian design.


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On a strict budget? You can organize a cheap stay in Copenhagen with HomeExchange!

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Island-hopping through Indonesia

Bali often hogs the spotlight when it’s shining on Indonesia, but being just one of the 17,508 islands that make up the country, there’s a medley of cultures, cuisines, and experiences to be had. Setting off on an island-hopping adventure through Indonesia can be a meditative and restoring escape. From visiting the Seven Story Pagoda of Sibu, lounging on Lengkuas Island in the shadow of the 120-year old lighthouse before diving into the crystal blue waters to explore the coral reefs. Whichever island (or islands) you choose will be a trip to remember.


Go on a home exchange to Indonesia

Stick your toes in the sand, soak up the sun, and enjoy local dishes abundant with seafood. Your next vacation to Indonesia is just a click away!

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The Tranquility and Mountains of Italy

In this unique landlocked region in the northwestern corner of Italy, you will find yourself exploring the natural beauty of the foothills of the Alps. The dreamy outdoor escape of the picture-perfect walking trails that weave through deep valleys and up mountains isn’t all that is offered in the Piedmont region. Here, you’ll find enchanting villages decorating the hills and mountains, rich red wine being poured at almost every meal and traditional cuisine that will leave your mouth watering for more. 


Explore home exchanges in Italy

Take a trip to Italy: hike through the Alps, wander the streets of Turin, enjoy the wine and tasty cuisine with the help of HomeExchange.

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Seattle, Washington, United States

With the backdrop of the surrounding evergreen forests, crystal blue waters and Mount Rainier off in the distance, Seattle is a city mixing modern with a retro flair. Visit the recently revamped Space Needle for a stunning 360-degree view, discover the oddly fascinating Official Bad Art Museum of Art (yes, that’s really its name), or cozy up at the city’s first cat cafe, Meowtropolitan. You can also explore the once forgotten city tucked underneath the streets of Pioneer Square or find a little culture of the pop variety at the flashy MoPOP museum. This Pacific Northwest oasis is waiting to be discovered by you.


Discover the beauty of the Pacific Northwest

Save money on your vacation in the US by organizing a home exchange with one of our HomeExchange members in Seattle! Enjoy the modern city and the surrounding lush forests.

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Relax in Patagonia

Disconnect from the world and escape to the breathtaking, epic landscape of Patagonia, one of the least populated regions left on the planet. With the snow-capped Andes mountains decorating the horizon, you’ll want to spend your days exploring the natural world around you and the nights observing the unforgettable view of the Milky Way. Or even better, witnessing the rare Southern Lights illuminate the sky. To describe the gastronomy of Patagonia as refreshing is deliciously accurate; seafood is caught daily from the Atlantic or surrounding local lakes and wineries produce incredibly flavorful and rivalry Malbecs to some of the best from around the world, are you drooling yet?


Travel to Patagonia with HomeExchange

Discover the diverse culture of Patagonia and the wonders of nature: lakes and mountains will surprise you during your vacation.

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Experience the wild in Tasmania

Set off to Australia’s smallest state, a heart-shaped island off the southern coast of the country where the coastline is rugged, but speckled with deserted white-sand beaches and dense rainforests. With more than one-third of the island protected parkland, in Tasmania, you’ll find yourself at peace where nature and wildlife at every turn. You can also explore the recently opened Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) is a unique destination with challenging and provocative collections which has quickly become an unforgettable highlight for those that visit the island. Are you ready to make some memories?


Go to Tasmania with HomeExchange

Want to travel on a budget to Tasmania? Discover the local culture, and get lost on "island time" down under.

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Gastronomy and history in Normandy, France

A 2-hour scenic train ride heading north of Paris, and you can wander through the historical region of Normandy. Wild cliffs and miles of sandy beaches decorate the coastline of the English Channel, with timeless and charming villages each waiting to tell you their stories, such as Étretat, Honfleur or Deauville or Mont Saint-Michel. Pair your exploration through the calming, yet fascinating history of this northern region of France with local delicacies of Atlantic seafood, creamy cheeses, and tart ciders. You can thank us later for such a delicious 2019 destination suggestion.


Find accommodations in Normandy

The fascinating history and the natural, breathtaking beauty of this coastal region will make you dream of booking your next home exchange to Normandy.

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