HomeExchange Loyalty Program

With a community built on trust, HomeExchange knows that long-lasting relationships with our Members is vital. That’s why we offer our most loyal customers a reward for choosing HomeExchange as their constant travel companion.

Service Plus and verification included

Introducing the HomeExchange Loyalty Program! 

The longer you are an active part of the HomeExchange community the more you save. And the best part? You’re already a part of the program! We take all the years you’ve been a Member of HomeExchange into consideration and apply it to your future renewals.

Your Loyalty is rewarded!

Whether you’re a long-time Member or have just subscribed to Optimal, you can save with an automatic discount each time you renew! Your savings will eventually be like getting 3 nights of our Essential plan for free every year! Plus, you can enjoy all the benefits of HomeExchange services at no additional cost!

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Damage Coverage

Use this chart do better understand our Loyalty Program discount (prices shown in CAD):

Consecutive Years of Membership


1st year


2nd year


3rd year


4th year


5th year


6th year and beyond


Basically, when you first subscribe to Optimal, you pay the full amount. Then you pay a lower price each year until, after five renewals, your subscription is automatically reduced! After 5 years you will see an annual discount of $45! 

 Are you already imagining the limitless exchange possibilities?  We know we are! 

Keep active! 

Maintaining your status in the Loyalty Program is easy.
All you have to do is keep your subscription Optimal active by renewing it, year-after-year, without interruption. If you opt to switch to Essential, or let your plan expire, you will have to work to regain your renewal discount after returning to the full price.

You can use the automatic renewal option or, if you’d rather use the manual option, make sure you renew your Membership within 30 days of it expiring to keep your Loyalty discount!

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Loyalty program

Your Loyalty price

Want to know what you’ll be paying? You can hover your cursor on "My profile" and go to "My plan." From there, go to "Payment plan details" and you will find your expiration date and what the cost to renew your subscription to Optimal will be.

Our prices are available in 23 currencies - you can also use the dropdown menu on the bottom of the page to select your currency.

Thank You! 

We thank you for your continued loyalty and we look forward to many more years of adventures with you.

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