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Depuis juillet 2018, GuesttoGuest propose le Service Plus

Le Service Plus annule et remplace les services d'assurance et de caution de GuesttoGuest pour vous proposer plus de protection et d'accompagnement à toutes les étapes de votre échange de maison. Pour un prix fixe de 10€ par nuit payé par l’invité, grâce au Service Plus, vous avez la certitude, en tant qu’hôte ou en tant qu’invité, d’être accompagné en cas d’imprévus.

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Travel with complete peace of mind with MAIF insurance offered on HomeExchange

The host's home is completely protected*

In cases of cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, the guest may be compensated*

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GuesttoGuest supports both the guest and the host before, during and after the exchange

GuesttoGuest, in partnership with MAIF, proposes a home exchange insurance for all members



Maximum amount guaranteed in cases of cancellation


Franchise deductible on damages


Equipment included in cancellations because of non-compliance:

Heating, disabled access, water (hot and cold), electricity, elevator etc... (More details)



Maximum amount guaranteed in cases of cancellation


Franchise deductible on damages


Equipment included in cancellations because of non-compliance:

Swimming pool, oven, microwave oven, dishwasher, washing machine, clothes dryer, WiFi, internet etc... (More details)



Maximum amount guaranteed in cases of cancellation


Franchise deductible on damages


Equipment included in cancellations because of non-compliance:

TV, bath, computer, satellite / cable, baby equipment, chimney, telephone etc... (More details)

No matter the insurance option chosen by the guest, the host's home is protected in the following way:

  • Personal injury up to 5 000 000€
  • Property damage up to 3 000 000€ (including damages other than fire, explosion or water damage up to 25 000€)
  • Furniture damage (up to 5 000€ with franchise deductible)

see the general conditions below for more information


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As a pioneer of an economy that places people at the core of its organization, MAIF supports the development of the collaborative economy where people trust each other and live better together. MAIF exists since 1934.

The first insurance specially designed for home exchange


As a guest, the host will have selected whether insurance is required for a guest's stay in their home and thus you will have to choose one of the three insurance options at the moment that you are finalizing the exchange. This will ensure the host that you are protected for the duration of the exchange by a liability insurance that also protects their home. If they have selected the insurance as optional, you can either choose one of the three options or decide not to include any insurance.

  • You are protected in cases where your host cancels*
  • If you are forced to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, you may be compensated*
  • Your host's home is protected*


As a host, you have the choice to set the insurance as required or optional for any guest that will stay in your home. If you choose "required", your guest will have to choose one of the insurance options at the moment that they are finalizing the exchange. If you choose "optional" your guest can choose to include insurance or not at the moment of finalization.

  • Your home is protected in cases of damages by your guest during their stay*
  • If you selected insurance as required,  all of your guests will be required to choose a GuesttoGuest-MAIF insurance option for their stay
  • GuesttoGuest supports you in difficult cases and is responsible for creating the insurance case.

If you did not understand one of the following terms, click below:

*under conditions

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